Stacy Spell – Happy Dog

Artist Initiator: Stacy Spell
Title: Happy Dog
Medium: Photography

Author Responder: Louise Moises
Title: Happy Dog

The light seemed right on the tennis court,
and I was set to play,
practice with a bucket of balls,
slapping them every which way.

When from the open gate he ran,
all fours had left the ground,
his ears were flapping in the breeze
as he sped round and round.

His chocolate and vanilla coat 

caught the rising sun,

with knobby nose he sniffed each scent,
this pup was seeking fun.

Each ball I hit was his fair game,
he chased them down with glee,
I yelled at him to get away,
but he just laughed at me.

His bushy tail whipped left and right.
He frolicked frivolously
drooling on every yellow ball I launched—

It was a sight to see.

With bearded face, he mocked me,
woofing a message, Life’s just a game.

Somehow, he seemed to know, I was
not destined for the tennis hall of fame.

On his last go round I bent right down,
he ran straight into my arms,
licked my face with doggie breath,
enchanted me with his charms.

We made a pack together
that I would cease to play,
instead throw every ball I had,
until we called it a day.

Together we romped and laughed,
as out of the gate we went,
a friend I’d made that day,
I’m sure he was heaven sent.

He tootled off going east,
I had didn’t even know his name,

the last I saw, his banner tail,
I knew he’d changed my game.

That happy dog reminded me,
not to take my life so seriously.
Sure, play the game and hit the balls,
but save time for joviality.


Copyright © 2024 by Louise Moises