Artify Orinda

Welcome to Artify Orinda!

What does it mean to Artify?

Artify Orinda is the idea of Maggie Boscoe, a longtime Orinda resident and co-curator of the Lamorinda Art Council's Art Gallery at the Orinda Library. The program utilizes the talents of local professional artists to paint decorative images portraying the flora and fauna of the S.F. Bay Area that transform privately owned business structures in Orinda with blank building walls and unsightly pipes into bright spots of color and interest. Artists are asked to include visible and hidden pollinators in their artwork. Young students will be asked to find them on future art walks guided by LAC curators. We call this Artify Orinda.

Working in cooperation with the City of Orinda and the Orinda Planning Department, we also intend to paint decorative images on some of the utility boxes on the Orinda Theatre Square side of town and the Village Square side of town. We are pursuing funding sources to help underwrite these projects so that artists are paid a reasonable rate for their design and completed murals. Acrylic paint will be used with final coats of graffiti-proof varnish and hardener to keep the murals from fading in the sun.

What does Artification look like?

The next time you are in the Orinda Theatre Square area, we invite you to take a look at our first proof of concept mural at Mash Gas & Food, 22 Bryant Way, same side of the street as Casa Orinda, near the entrance to 24 E. The Ballad of Rocky the Squirrel and Andy the Hummer is a 44" square mural on the right hand side of the building. It depicts a colorful window box filled with flora, fauna and pollinators. The mural was completed on June 12, 2020, by Bill Carmel, MFA, co-curator at the Art Gallery at the Orinda Library. The Council wishes to thank Mo Mashhoon, owner of Mash Gas & Food, who volunteered the space which allowed us to test our concept.

Read the allegorical narrative behind The Ballad of Rocky the Squirrel and Andy the Hummer HERE.

Can you find the pollinators in the mural? Can you find the Praying Mantis? View the Legend of Flora and Fauna, Location and Nomenclature HERE for more details.

Our second proof of concept was recently installed on the blank front side of two Big Belly waste receptacles located across from CVS in downtown Orinda, near 43 Moraga Way. The 44" x 30" mural, painted by local artist Kath Balamuth, features a scene of the San Pablo Reservoir and surrounding area. The border around the painting highlights our brilliant blue native California Ceanothus, also known as California lilac.

Have you spotted the newest Artify Orinda project outside CVS in downtown Orinda? Original pieces by professional Orinda artists Kath BalamuthJudith Feins, and Lois Reynolds Mead were recently installed on the pre-existing rectangular panels outside CVS at 50 Moraga Way in Orinda. The panels, which previously sported flyers and community announcements, now display scenes within the Artify Orinda theme of local flora and fauna painted by these three talented artists.

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