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Gallery Location/Hours

The Art Gallery at Wilder is currently closed due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Please check back in the future to see when our gallery will reopen. The Art Gallery at Wilder is located at the Art & Garden Center at Wilder at 20 Orinda Fields Road in Orinda, just off Highway 24. For map directions to The Art Gallery at Wilder, click here.

To view the current exhibit at the Art Gallery at the Orinda Library, click here.


June Exhibit

The Lamorinda Arts Council invites you to view a virtual exhibit of paintings by Janell Lumley.  All Wilder art exhibits are virtual until COVID-19 restrictions change. See Lumley's virtual exhibit entitled “Déjà Vu on the Wall: Paintings of Faraway Lands” through images at Janell Lumley, of Walnut Creek, says, “I was the child who always wanted to draw or read rather than run and play.” Life intervened and she returned to creating once her family was raised. She began by taking oil painting classes a dozen years ago and is delighted that she still loves the experience of painting in a group. “I think the friendships I have developed in class are the best reward I get from painting and the main reason I will continue,” says Lumley.

Prior to COVID-19 Lumley and her husband traveled extensively, always with copious picture taking. As she derives most of her subjects from the photographs on their travels, keeping her work fresh is a built-in bonus. She considers painting an experiment rather than a science and like many artists, is always working to learn and improve. She says she paints for the fun of it and that it is okay to just like a painting without analyzing it or getting the artist’s meaning. Analyzing and taking herself or her painting too seriously is not her style.

Déjà Vu is the feeling that one has already lived through the present situation before. Perhaps you will experience déjà vu after viewing Lumley's paintings in her June 2021 exhibit.

May Exhibit

The Lamorinda Arts Council invites you to view a virtual exhibit of portraits by Annie Jacquemet during May.  All Wilder art exhibits are virtual until COVID-19 restrictions change. Jacquemet’s virtual exhibit was entitled “Around the World in 12 Portraits”Jacquemet, who lives in Concord, closed her psychotherapy practice in 2008 and began watercolor classes right away.  Taking classes at Walnut Creek Community Center fulfilled a promise she made to herself when she retired. Although she grew up in Orleans, France and worked in Paris as an adult, neither art nor music was part of her early life; yet she was always attracted to art. She visits France regularly and is still close to childhood friends. Some of her favorite artists include post-Impressionists such as Norwegian painter Severin Kryoer (1851 – 1909), Swedish painter Anders Zorn (1860 – 1920) and Spanish painter Joaquin Sorolla (1863 – 1923). Prior to the pandemic she visited Sorolla’s Madrid home, which is now a museum of his work. Each of these painters has a unique way of treating light in their work which she admires and finds fascinating. Jacquemet’s husband, Michael Barrington, travels around the world in aid of humanitarian causes, always returning with photographs of his projects. Often these photos serve as models for her portraits. You will see portraits of people of all ages from the U.S. to Guatemala to Ethiopia, Ghana and Japan. She enjoys taking classes with Patsy Taylor and Gary Bergren at the Community Center. “I work at loosening up by brushwork and keeping my mind and eyes open,” says Jacquemet. Projecting emotions and feelings through her artwork to show that she cares about people is her goal. In her statement paintings, her intention is to denounce injustice. One look at Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s level gaze in RBG, her 11” x 11” oil painting on canvas, tells quite a story.  For more about her work visit

March/April Exhibit

The Lamorinda Arts Council invites you to view a virtual exhibit of the late Heather Metcalf’s (1944 – 2016) artwork during the months of March and April. Brian Metcalf, Heather’s husband, mounted this exhibit because “I really felt that her large work was her best work and had rarely been exhibited in any gallery. She had this beautiful work done in the last 10 years sitting in our house; this is an opportunity to display it.” Because Metcalf was an active member of the Moraga Art Gallery, the Arts Council is pleased to announce their companion exhibit of her actual paintings, March 1 – April 25. President Lucy Beck reminds us that the Moraga Art Gallery, located at 432 Center St., is open Saturdays and Sundays from 12 – 3 p.m. and by appointment. Details are available at, by calling 925.276.5407 or emailing Donna Arganbright, Moraga Art Gallery Vice President and Gallery Manager, who remembers Heather well, said, “Heather Metcalf was a beloved member of the Moraga Art Gallery. Her graceful presence and insightful thoughts were always welcomed by our members. Her paintings are bold, big beautiful canvases of color. We felt fortunate to have them hang in our Gallery. Her presence is still missed and we are delighted to have her paintings hang once again in our Gallery.” Both Heather and Brian hail from Perth, Western Australia. Heather initially trained in Australia as a graphic artist and worked professionally in that field not only in Australia but in New Zealand and London. After, she took up residence in France to study fine art. She completed the four year Diplome en Peinture at L’Ecole des Art Decoratifs in Strasbourg, France. Metcalf relocated to the U.S. in Cincinnati, exhibiting in both private exhibitions and corporate sponsorships. A later move to Philadelphia allowed a return to fine arts, and she graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy for Fine Arts (PAFA) in 2000. After a move to California in the same year, more exhibits ensued, including at In-Art, Santa Fe and Gallery Sam in Berkeley She also showed work in her private studio in Moraga. She continued exhibiting at locations such as the Claremont Resort, Hall Winery in St. Helena, and the Orinda Library Gallery, among others. Peruse her work at Heather’s most recent work – her koi pond series – was kindled by the fluid images in the aqueous world of her koi pond. Floating shadows and florals twirling in watery currents inspired paintings built with layers of transparent, luminous colors. No matter your taste in art, exploring Metcalf’s oeuvre will prove her artistic legacy worth experiencing.

February Exhibit

The Lamorinda Arts Council will display a virtual exhibit of Leon Kennedy’s paintings during February as part of celebrating Black History Month. All Council art exhibits remain virtual until COVID-19 restrictions change. Kennedy’s virtual exhibit is entitled The Twelve Apostles. The title refers to a metaphor about Kennedy’s habits. He loves the church he attends – outdoors during COVID-19 – and loves painting the people he meets as he walks around Oakland. Sometimes he paints on the surface of found objects. “My dream is to connect to all people’s dreams,” he said. Born in Houston, but an Oakland resident for some time, Kennedy is a self-taught artist. His uplifting portraits seem to dip into the core of those he paints. John Hildenbrand, Kennedy’s agent said, “Once you are familiar with Leon Kennedy’s paintings, you’ll recognize his work anywhere.” One look at Thank God for Giving Me My Heart, an 18” x 24” acrylic on canvas, draws the viewer into the deep pools of the woman’s eyes, brilliant with the light shining from her heart. Jan and Chuck Rosenak’s iconic 1996 book, Contemporary American Folk Art, features Kennedy’s artwork. The Smithsonian purchased 200 works from the Rosenak’s collection in 1997 for its groundbreaking American Art Museum exhibit. Kennedy’s Untitled (large wall hanging with numerous figures) 1995, mixed media on bed sheet, was in that collection. Kennedy has frequent shows and workshops at Oakland Public Library branches. On Thursday, February 18th St. Mary’s Center will host Kennedy in a virtual Zoom meeting from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. honoring Black History Month and celebrating the music and art of Oakland. The meeting ID is 857 0496 8720, passcode 472245; RSVP to

To view more of his work visit his website at

January Exhibit

The Art Gallery at Wilder invites you to view a virtual exhibit of 12 watercolor and oil paintings by Rashmi Rajesh during January. See her virtual exhibit through images HERE starting on January 1st and the exhibit video HERE. Rajesh, of San Ramon, is a self-taught artist who was drawing pencil sketches at a very young age in India. As an adult she relied on her drawing skills again as she pursued first acrylics, then oil paint and watercolors. Initially she didn’t take to painting with acrylics. Instead of giving up she tried oil paint and says both the process and the results were delightful.

After painting with oils for some time she began exploring watercolors. “The looseness and transparency of watercolors instantly draws you in as a viewer. As an artist they keep me challenged enough to have control over the medium to know when to let go to achieve lightness in my creations. The more I paint, the more there is to learn. That’s what keeps me coming back to these two media, oil paints and watercolors,” says Rajesh.

You’ll find florals, landscapes, abstracts, and still life works in her show. To keep her work fresh she experiments with different techniques and subject matter. She hopes her work sparks some kind of connection for viewers because for her, connecting people together one of the beautiful qualities of art. To that end she also teaches art classes for beginning and intermediate students. Visit her website to view more of her artwork and get in contact at

December Exhibit

The Art Gallery at Wilder invites you to view a virtual exhibit of Lafayette artist Suzy Elsworth-Heithcock’s paintings during December. See her virtual exhibit entitled “Epic Nature” video HERE. Heithcock exhibits 12 works focused on landscapes, trees, figurative drawings and works from her imagination. Two companion pieces, Dryad and Nayad, really draws the epic aspects of nature into her artwork as mentioned in her theme. A Dryad is a female Greek nature spirit about whom Heithcock says, “The Dryad painting is part of my reaction to being quarantined for months, expressing the explosive need I had to feel, melding my senses with the rich banquet in Nature. The Dryad in particular feels the wind.” Nayad is the Greek name for an immortal female nymph who presides over freshwater, springs and wells. The biomorphic lines of Nayad, her 24” x 6” oil painting, recalls the fluidity and grace of moving water. You may have heard of Nayads and Dryads in books such as The Chronicles of Narnia, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Illiad and The Odyssey. Heithcock is conscious of the difficulty in presenting a three dimensional world in two dimensions such as drawings or paintings. She says adding in the fourth dimension of time, such as how to show the passage of time in an old tree or how to remind the observer that wind moves tree branches about, is what she tries to convey in her paintings. “Portraying a flow of movement is fundamental to my work,” says Heithcock. For more about her work visit

November Exhibit

The Art Gallery at Wilder invites you to view a virtual multi-disciplinary exhibit of artwork from six students at Saint Mary's College in Moraga. Visiting Professor of Art Practice at Saint Mary's, Laura Elayne Miller, Faculty Advisor of the GRID, introduces the California GRID Art Club leadership's exploration of the relationship between the unknown and the re-inventor truth through subjective human belief systems. View the exhibit video of "The Human Conditional" HERE.

Professor Laura Elayne Miller said, "My students have been incredibly energized by the opportunity to share their artwork with the community." Caed Folkestad is an interdisciplinary artist currently studying Art Practice and Communication. His work is largely concerned with romanticism of youth and the inextricable connection between human beings and their environment. Carly Hodes is an interdisciplinary artist who utilizes satire to explore the gender binary and how it shapes the self-perception of males within contemporary society. K. Isaac Kim is an artist who experiments in music, painting, drawing and digital drawing. Amand Moser is an interdisciplinary artist studying Art Practice and her work is influenced by human nature and connectivity. Sierra Miller is a mixed-media artist who uses the ideas focused in psychology, philosophy, and color theory in order to help people understand how they fit into the universe. Sydney Toland is an interdisciplinary artist who focuses on creative imagery in order to capture fantastical realities in her artwork.

October Exhibit

The Art Gallery at Wilder invites you to view the mixed media paintings of Margie Caldwell-Gill during the month of OctoberView the online gallery "Abstraction - Alive and Well in Orinda" and be sure to check out her virtual exhibit video HERE.
Caldwell-Gill, who lives in Orinda, started out as a photorealist painter in college and rebelled against the dominant art forms of the time, pop art and abstract art. After working as a medical illustrator for 15 years she lost interest in recreating what she saw in the world and became interested in abstract painting, She fell in love with the beauty of the materials themselves – thick and thin layers of paint, the edges of one shape next to another, how marks disappear behind a brushstroke of paint and how this can convey space, time and emotions. She now paints intuitively, which means she never knows where a painting will take her. “I approach my paintings with a sense of experimentation and play,” she said. She’s learned more about color, composition and value than she ever learned when doing representational work. She is showing nine works in her virtual exhibit including Reverie, a 16.5” x 22.5” mixed media work. Her expressive brushstrokes and graphic marks create a world uniquely hers. Expect abstract work with lots of geometric shapes in complimentary colors including blues, grays andorange earth tones. To see more of her work go HERE.

September Exhibit

The Art Gallery at Wilder presents Lara B. Horoupian. Watch her virtual exhibit video HERE.

Lara Horoupian runs Laratelier, a popular youth art school out of her studio. She says being around the children she teaches is an unending source of creative inspiration. “I produced 27 paintings during quarantine; sometimes working 5-6 hours daily in my studio. I worked through bursts of feelings like passion, fear, mortality, and hope,” she said. At one point she ran out of paint and remembered pigments from Peru her husband gave her as a gift 15 years earlier – she had saved them for a special occasion. They were used to create paintings in this exhibit. The centerpiece of her show is a 36” x 48” mixed media work entitled Transformation. She and her 13 year old daughter Pateel worked on it together to make it more dimensional. Pateel said, “If you stand in front of it you want to jump right into the painting.” It certainly bears examining and will reward you for spending any amount of time appreciating it. All proceeds from the sale of her art in this show will be donated to rescue efforts for everyone affected by the recent tragic explosion in Beirut. Her father has a store  there which was damaged; it is where she grew up. To see more of her work visit her website, HERE.

August Exhibit

The Art Gallery at Wilder presents John Anderle. Watch his virtual exhibit video HERE.

Anderle, a local Walnut Creek artist, minored in Fine Art at UC Berkeley and has maintained a love for the practice and appreciation of art throughout his life. In retirement he rekindled his interest in drawing, watercolor and oil painting at Walnut Creek Civic Arts and through self-instruction. Portrait subjects inspire him, especially those taken from photos shot at random during his travels to Europe, South America and Asia. He is a regular contributor to “The Memory Project,” a nonprofit organization which distributes original painted portraits to dispossessed and orphaned children around the world. Visit for more information about his work.

July Exhibit

The gallery will not be open to the public due to the shelter-in-place order regulations. The gallery curation team, working with the City of Orinda, is pleased to announce the "Walk the Park & See Some Art" taking place on Saturday, July 12th from 2:30pm to 4:30pm at the Orinda Community Center Park in Orinda. Enjoy some outdoor exercise while viewing the artwork of the Art Gallery at Wilder July artist Sherry Ravazza. Ravazza's mesmerizing paintings demonstrate her unique dimensional dot painting technique and express her favorite themes; historical/mystical, spirit animals, and plant floral designs. Ravazza is heavily influenced by Shamanic art as she personally believes art can act as both an aesthetic for the human senses and an instrument to connect to a higher spiritual source. Just as the process of creating art is meditative and healing for her, Ravazza's purpose is to put her heart and soul into the artwork so that when viewers gaze at the paintings, they too will receive healing and inspiration. Audiences will find more of Sherry Ravazza's collection on Facebook @SherryRavazzaArt and also on Youtube here.

May/June - Gallery Closed

March/April Exhibit

Art Gallery at Wilder presents the solo exhibit, "Celestials," by Joel Tesch. Tesch presents a series of nine paintings. "The series of canvas paintings brings to life a vibrant world bursting with colors, movement and contrast from an otherworldly perspective," says Tesch. Tesch finds the craft of painting to be both humbling and inspiring... relazing and invigorating. Come see the mysterious and magical images that transpire in "Celestials". Meet Joel Tesch at the artist's reception, to be held on March 7th from 2:30-4:30 p.m. Please join us! Light refreshments will be served.

February Exhibit

Art Gallery at Wilder presents the solo exhibit, "The Allure of Equine Beauty," by Barbara Brady-Smith of Lafayette the month of February. Brady-Smith agrees with John Galsworthy who says, "I am still under the impression that there is nothing alive quite so beautiful as a horse." Viewers will ultimately agree with the statement when they examine her collection of photographs depicting steeds of all kinds. Capturing a horse in motion is not an easy feat. Brady-Smith, a well known equine and pet photographer, embraces this challenge. Don't miss the beauty of these photographs at the Art Gallery at Wilder during the month of February.

January Exhibit

On exhibit in January at the Art Gallery at Wilder is, Marlene Metropolis. In her solo exhibit, "The Places They Call Home," Marlene makes use of her photography and scientific skills. Her fidelity to animals in their natural habitats is ever present in her work. Marlene depicts what she loves - naturalistic environments that usually include indigenous animals. "My art identifies whose habitat it is; who calls it home. It fulfills a longing to be reconnected to life in all its forms." Her naturalistic 2-D works are the result of digital blending her photographs and reference images. Her scientific background as a retired chiropractor speaks through the art infusing it with serene and reverent feelings.

December Exhibit

On exhibit in December at the Art Gallery at Wilder is, Linda Huffman, a now retired secondary education teacher. Her solo exhibit "It's Kind of Eclectic" will show Huffman's serene and realistic brushstroke, that materializes scenes that often go unnoticed by the average person. She sees the shadows and crevices of trees, flowers, and even on bicyclists, giving them emotion and voice. Huffman finds herself painting what appeals to her and letting the themes and techniques evolve, "into the remarkable scenes that intrigue and grab the viewers' attention into the small details of everyday surroundings." The artist's reception is to be held on December 7th from 2:30-4:30 p.m. Please join us! Light refreshments will be served.

November Exhibit

On exhibit in November at the Art Gallery at Wilder is textile artist, Bohuslava (Slavka) Ruzicka, with her solo exhibit of "Miniature Oriental Carpets Project". Born in Czechoslovakia, now Czech Republic, Ruzicka was introduced to cross stitching while living in Singapore in 1987. The Miniature Oriental Carpets Project started in 1996 and was completed in 2005. This collection of magical and masterful works was inspired by Frank M. Cooper designs. Ruzicka will be demonstrating her technique at the artist's reception held on November 2nd from 2:30-4:30 p.m. Please join us! Light refreshments will be served. 

October Exhibit

Come visit the Art Gallery at Wilder to view featured artist Sydney Chaney-Thomas during the month of October and meet the the artist at her reception on October 5, 2:30-4:30 pm, with light refreshments served.

Sydney Chaney-Thomas presents her solo exhibition, “Natural Beauty.” Her work is a lyrical representation of natural phenomena swirling about the land and sea, reflecting her background growing up on a horse ranch surrounded by fields of wheat, orchards, and rolling hills. The natural world is where Chaney is most comfortable. Her style brings forth a sense of carefree serenity whether amidst the pine trees in Tahoe, or on a sailboat in the San Francisco Bay. Chaney’s work is both Impressionistic and abstract, filled with emotion and color, allowing the “Natural Beauty” to rise to the surface.

September Exhibit

The Art Gallery at Wilder will feature photographer Alfredo Coyotl Cuatlacuatl during the month of September and the artist's reception takes place on September 7, 2:30-4:30 pm, with light refreshments served.

Alfredo Coyotl Cuatlacuatl is a San Francisco Bay Area-based photographer specializing in portrait, fashion, landscape, and community and corporate event photography. Shaped and inspired by his Mexican heritage and indigenous roots, Alfredo utilizes the art of photography to tell stories and share unique perspectives and opinions with others. The majority of Alfredo’s independent work revolves around themes of isolation, minimalism, and solitude. The solo show, ENDLESS, will have 10 photographs and Alfredo's photo book, New York City 24mm, on display to share the experiences and perspectives on places he has visited and found inspiration and contrast.  To learn more about the artist and his work go to

August Exhibit

Joseph Lombardi - For The Love Of Art

Please join us as we celebrate the works of artist, Joseph F. Lombardi during the month of August at the Art Gallery at Wilder.  Join us for the Artist Reception, Saturday, August 3rd from 2:30-4:30pm.

Lombardi of Manteca has a penchant for painting portals – doorways, gates, windows and pathways that meander somewhere we want to go. His portals are portrayed within intriguing vistas of nature, seascapes and architecture found both in domestic and foreign lands.

Many of his paintings reveal a subtle dreamy quality as if they are telling a story. Lombardi has worked in oils for several decades and won’t be stopping anytime soon. He has 15 oil paintings on display. To learn more about his work go to

July Exhibit

Grand Opening this month featuring paintings by Judy Chamberlin

The Art Gallery at Wilder officially opens to the public on Saturday, July 6th.   The public is invited to attend the grand opening artist reception from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. where light refreshments will be served.  Ribbon cutting is at 3:00 pm.  City of Orinda officials will be in attendance to participate in the ribbon cutting.

Chamberlin is well-known for her large scale oil and acrylic paintings including figurative work such as portraits, animals and murals plus expressive biomorphic abstracts.  The artist says that “synaesthesia inspires me, the idea that we can cross tactile senses, causing our sight of paint color to arouse a taste, a smell, sound. Textures and composition to sing and move.  I strive to create paintings that are alive, changing what you experience from viewing to the next viewing. I strive for a mystical experience.”

The solo show will set the tone for future monthly exhibits which are scheduled to rotate on the first of every month.