Ebba Nevas – Thoughts at Sunrise


Initiator Artist: Ebba Nevas
Artwork Title: Thoughts at Sunrise
Medium: Acrylic
Price: $850

Responder Author: Cynthia Leonard
Writing Title: Thoughts at Sunrise
Size: 11″x17″


Her thoughts at sunrise are still riding on the spine of her unconscious when she opens her eyes. Vague glimpses of dreamscape curious and abstract have not yet dissipated. She turns to her notepad on her bedside table and writes what she remembers of the dream.

Her Jungian Analyst’s style of therapy is to study dreams as neurologists’ study the unknown corners of wonderous brains  kept in clear hallowed jars of formaldehyde.

She tells the analyst her dream felt cautiously sweet, like on a warm summer day when her sundress makes her happy. Subtle floral blooms within pink clouds of cotton are as soft and forgiving as the nape of a baby’s neck. Love.

Bashful greens as smooth as spring leaves uncurling in the sun. A clear indication of new life, growth, and possibilities.

She almost forgot to mention a tiny but divine yellow circle above nebulous mountain ranges and secret valleys of thought. 

What about blue? She loves blue but there is little, not enough blue in the dream to satisfy her need for blue. The analyst counters, or just enough blue, just enough to make your mind want more. Too much blue, she adds, might be an indication of depression. 

The intrusion of midnight black without explanation worries her. There is an ominous bird in the corner of her eye, she tells her analyst, like an upside-down raven headed towards a fire ravaged weeping palm tree. She has never been to Lahaina. 

On the edge of her mind is a man who looks familiar. Barely noticeable at first. Thin, black glasses and a mustache, he’s reflecting, ruminating or remembering. He is figuring out how to solve a problem or has realized the problem may be out of his control. He doesn’t look dangerous or a fly-by-night type of guy. No, she says he looks truthful and grounded.  

Her analyst nods like she is on to something deeper. He is the Wise Old Man Archetype. His role is to offer guidance and understanding through words or images in response to your search for your own wisdom. It is all for the purpose of making the unconscious conscious.   

The world is all things, good and bad. Symbols are a method of bringing dormant instincts and urges into the light. Darkness gives birth to light. Isn’t that why you are here? Every curve and crook of the dream gives meaning, hope to an otherwise random view of life. Look beyond the obvious into what is hidden before us. 

Her analyst smiles as if to say this is a good dream. It represents everything that we face as humans. Loss, grief, joy and love of the collective unconscious. 

Her thoughts at sunrise now reflect on details of her dreams she would not have noticed before. She imagines every shape and color as deliberate brush strokes giving meaning as if an artist had created a beautiful painting.  

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