Helen Chu-Hirschberg – Sushi Dream


Initiator Artist: Helen Chu-Hirshberg
Artwork Title: Sushi Dream
Medium: Watercolor
Price: $425

Responder Author: Margie Witt
Writing Title: A Word of Warning
Size: 11″x17″
Price: $10


If you were a cat and you found your master creating a mountain of sushi, wouldn’t you expect a few tasty morsels to land in your food dish? Stop dreaming. Although it may seem tempting, there are a few things you should know. 

First of all, vinegar is used to flavor that cold sticky rice. In my humble opinion, vinegar is better used as a household cleaning agent. Even though it smells kinda bad, it does neutralize the floor when we miss the litter box.

You know that little curlicue clump of green paste you call wasabi? If it were true wasabi, we could sample some of that with a few harmless sneezes. However, unless we are in Japan, it’s probably imitation wasabi (a blend of horseradish and mustard) and likely to cause gastroenteritis if we indulge.

 The garnishes may be appealing to humans. I don’t care much for ginger and minced scallions make me vomit (in fact did you know, onions are toxic to cats?).

None of us cats can understand why humans spend so much effort to mold their sushi into intricate works of art. We admire their creativity, but when it comes down to it, it’s all the same stuff, just in different packages.

The best sushi for us cats might be Nigiri, a simple oval-shaped mound of rice, the perfect vessel for a tasty piece of raw fish. I find Makizushi tempting, but no cat wants to dig through the wall of seaweed that holds the tiny morsel we love buried in rice. Same with the hand rolled Temaki; seaweed cones might be convenient finger food for humans, but they’re not paw friendly to us felines.

A word of caution. The Uni is a burr-shaped creature that lurks between rocks in the ocean, known around here as a sea urchin. While Uni may be a premium ingredient, you might want to know that the delectable tidbit in your sushi is actually sea urchin gonads. Enough said about that!

One more thing, could someone explain why a caterpillar roll doesn’t come with a caterpillar?

Why not just skip all these extra ingredients and pass the sashimi? 

Pawnote: Cats should never eat raw fish because of allergies, parasites, mercury, PCBs, ethoxyquin, and thiaminase. 

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