Joe Bologna – Scavenger


Initiator Artist: Joe Bologna
Artwork Title: Scavenger
Medium: Metal
Price:  $50

Responder Author: Bill Carmel
Writing Title: Scavenger
Size: 11″ x 17″
Price:  $100


Beware!  I stalk you. 

I know where you live, where you work, where you love, and when you sleep. I wait for hurt, injury to overwhelm you and then my blade will find your weak place. And with my steely arms, my steely hands will show the sharp, fine steel blade to that weak place. The pulse succumbs to the show of my blade.

When the weak place has no pulse, there is no need for the sharp steel blade to let loose. Just carry the blade and show it. It finds the weak places without so much as a stroke. This makes stalking easy.

All organisms must feed. This feeding results in carnage and waste on a colossal scale. Most of you don’t mind the humongous piles of carnage as long as the piles are out of sight as they rot into pestilence. At the tip of my hat, the small, pernicious ones invade unsuspecting flesh and ulcer it.

Wait for the wounds and pestilence to shake you, break you. First, the black out. Then, life ebbs. Blood clots. Frightfully mindless. Terrible and swift.

The sight of your carcass is nourishment enough. And when sated, a smack of my lips calls more small ones to the feast. Others will come along to heap what’s left onto the piles of waste, made hideous by indulgence, greed, and love of empire.

I just show up and the sharp steely blade does the work: effortlessly it finds the weak place and the pulse ends. Pestilence does the rest. All that’s left is to stalk the next one and the ones after that. 

Beware:  I am Scavenger.

Copyright © 2024 by Bill Carmel