Anonymous – Honu

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Initiator Artist: Anonymous
Artwork Title: Honu
Size: 11′ x 17″
Medium: Giclee on Paper
Price: $20 Donation to LAC

Responder Author: Elana O’Loskey
Writing Title: The Secret Life of Sea Turtles
Size: 11″x 17″
Price: $25

The Secret Life of Sea Turtles

My Hawaii obsession began with family vacations to Hawaii in my childhood. Honu (Hawaiian green sea turtles) thrive in the protected coastal seas of the Hawaiian Islands, living off a diet of seagrasses, seaweeds, and algae which give their flesh a green color.  They are the largest hard-shelled turtles in the world.

One word sums up tales told about Honu encounters: Awestruck! I yearned to go to Turtle Bay to float in the Pacific with Honu. Oahu was only a plane ride away to a different world.

The boat and captain I hired knew where to take me and watch over me. “Never snorkel alone” is for real.  Time disappeared as I slid into the water away from the boat. I closed my eyes, floating, listening to underwater sounds. Time passed, thoughts of Honu drifted by.

I opened my eyes. There was Honu, staring at me! I closed my eyes and silently reached out my arms in greeting. Four more Honu formed a circle around us.  The first Honu looked me right in the eyes and I heard her say in my head, “We are very old and know a lot about this planet.  Negative entities think they can use us however they want. Teach us how to stop this.”

I asked to be protected and surrounded by Divine energy. I invited a pale silvery energy to flow through me, expanding all around me. Next, I asked that anything not for my highest good would fall away; anything for my highest good would remain.  Honu heard my prayer and saw my light. I explained that a negative energy form would not tolerate this light of Divine energy. And that repeatedly saying “NO!” to a negative energy form works.

The Honu met my eyes again then turned away.  Impulsively, I followed until I realized that I was now IN the open sea.  The boat was far away. Depleted. Panic. Fear.

Honu was headed for a school of spinner dolphins, its huge flipper breaking the water. Up into the air flew a flash of grey, whirling several times and splashing down. Its slender, long beak was bobbing and making clicking sounds as it swirled round and round. The dolphin caught my eye and a jolt of joy filled me from head to toe.

Suddenly my arms were strong, my legs and fins kicked rhythmically.  Breathing just right. It felt like a guitar was strumming energy inside my entire body.  I swam back to the boat, the cold seawater turning to warmer Turtle Bay water.  As I climbed up the ladder, the Captain offered a hand.  We scanned the sea, but the Honus were gone. The spinners moved east; boy did they move!  They shot up in the air, twirling – all in a few seconds — repeated over and over.  For the sheer joy of it!

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