Initiator: Kaleo Ching – E Pele E


Initiator Artist: Kaleo Ching
Artwork Title: E Pele E
Size: 20 x 13.34″ framed
Medium: Mixed media
Price: $925

Responder Author: Elise Dirlam Ching
Writing Title: Pele Guards the Bones of the Ancestors
Price: included with artwork

What’s in a bone?
Private twisted molecular ladders.
The invitation of a tool.
A craving toward connection.
One two-hundred-sixth of a skeleton.
Blood’s arroyo.
Blueprint of form.

The old ones walking
found a home between
abiding shadow of dripping forest
and sea flinging herself
at unrelenting rock, between
high white cradle of the first child
and raspy sulfur desert.
Pele is a fierce keeper.
If you can stand the heat,
a nest of fire is a fine place to rest.

© 2023 Elise Dirlam Ching