Jill Hedgecock – Shared Joy


Artist Initiator: Jill Hedgecock
Title: Shared Joy
Medium: Colored Pencil on Paper
Price: $250

Author Responder: Bill Carmel
Title: Shared Joy
Price: $100 Donation to LAC


The touch of grace.

We behold the world with our fingers.

Our sense of touch informs us. It tells us to expect wonder and grace when we touch delight or recoil when we touch fear. These sensations become beguiling and magical; sublime and dangerous. Perplexing.

Could that be what Alice felt when she reached out and touched the mushroom throne of Caterpillar, broke off a piece, then sampled it? Imagination alive. Ten feet tall. Very small.

Reach out, fingers extended. The calf raises its head, trusting joy. Stroke. All eyes close as the touch of the golden brown fur becomes enjoyable. Fingers awake. Joyous! Poetry of bodies, alive!

Stroke. The gurgle of water over rocks, soft and serene. Stroke. The rustle of a warm breeze over tall grass. Stroke. The smell of anise in the morning garden. Stroke. The flutter of wings over a rainbow of flowers. Stroke.

The low murmur of pure delight. Speaking without words making perfect sense. Musical. An orchestra of magic fingers.

Shared. Bliss. Touch of grace.

All animals and plants share this.  Especially with the ones we love.

Bliss. Grace. Shared.


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