Judith Rohrer – The March (SOLD)


Initiator Artist: Judith Rohrer
Artwork Title: The March
Medium: Mixed Media
Price:  $435

Responder Author: Linda Hartmann
Writing Title: She Marches On
Size: 11″ x 17″
Price:  $45


Awakening with the morning light
She reaches across for an early caress
Reminded he is no longer alive
A mourning she cannot repress
Prompted of the promise formed
Not to stay sullen, or forlorn
She rises to face whatever what may
With another march to start a new day
It’s a humble home, an urban scene
where she dwells and is often seen
Plucking and picking she makes gorgeous bouquets
the blooms that she chooses always amaze.
The widow is spotted from neighboring views
Amidst the garden created with her beloved, in so many hues
She bears witness to his heart –
each morning that she starts her daily march.
Determined not to rot within their bed, she made a strict promise inside of her head
Everyday she’d be grateful and emerge, overcome
despite her deep sadness; there’d always be some
Outside were many whose version of life
Who worse than hers was filled with such strife
She packs her bag with healthy snacks
For some remain hungry and others on crack
She marches on, with nectar in her song
one foot after the other she meanders along
“Good Morning!” she’d say, while making her way along the bay
To where her husband is memorialized
Adding some flowers to dress up the site
His last words to her were to “Live with all of your might”.
A circuitous route she chooses to return,
The march today has not yet adjourned.
Hearing a throng of people she follows the sounds
A protest for cause in her heart there’s no bounds
Joining the crowd, feels attachment and far less alone
Her tribe after all; rising again, not to let their world fall.
A march for justice – wild and free
Worn and weary – feet blister and bleed
Improving this world is surely her creed.
Knocking on the new neighbor’s door
A single mother, whose kids she adores
Accepts an invite for a spot of tea
And enjoys the young mother’s sweet company
Provision of food and a gift card to boot,
The lone mother of three has friend midst new roots.
Awakening each day in the morning light
A march for others helps in her own plight.

Copyright © 2024 by Linda Hartmann

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