Bela Watson – Beeing


Artist Initiator: Bela Watson
Title: Beeing
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Price: $375

Author Responder: Dorothy “Dot” Edwards
Title: Beeocracy


Purveyors of sweetness,

Aphis mellifera.

Sisterhood sans sibling sniping.

Just beeing.

Self-supporting immigrants to colonial Jamestown,

Matriarch-run colonies flourished there,

Unlike their patriarchal mismanaged counterparts.

Value added.

Precious beeing.

Toilers in liquid gold and wax

From can see to can’t,

Equal opportunity laborers, 

Newborn to geriatric,

Making, managing, building, foraging, heating, cooling, guarding, defending, scouting, storing, nurturing, pollinating, and

Cleaning the place of unnecessities, like surplus drones.

Worker beeing.

Dancing the dance with kinfolk,

Tending the Mother Queen in her Court

All for one and one for all,

Creating nectar worthy of the gods,

Calmly keeping on,

Buzzing and Beeing.


Copyright © 2024 by Dorothy Edwards