Arlynn Bloom – Her Love


Initiator Artist: Arlynn Bloom
Artwork Title: Her Love
Medium: Collage
Price: $1600

Responder Author: Colleen Gonzalez
Writing Title: Her Love
Size: 11″x17″
Price: $75


We are in this together…this “old” thing. I am here for you. The days seem long, but time feels short. Each day slowly unspools before us. What do we have to do today? Nothing. What do we want to do? We sun ourselves in the garden. You wear your big hat as you shuffle through the yard, clipping here and there. Sometimes, I dart around like I am a kitten again. I chase an errant squirrel, or jump at a low-flying hummingbird. Mostly, I lie on my back and let the sunshine bathe me in contentment. Our times in the garden are shorter these days because it’s hard for you to bend and stretch. Sometimes I hear you grunt, or look for something to steady your weakening body. Whenever I see this, I spring into action and run to you, but I am not able to do anything but watch and hope you do not fall.

Inside, we read or watch our programs. You sit in your overstuffed blue chair, the one that I am sorry to say I have scratched up, especially on the arms. The inner white stuffing shows through in parts, and I am grateful that you do not seem to mind. I usually curl up at your feet. It is a nice situation. 

Once the sun goes down and you are more settled in, I like to be in your lap. I think you like me there too. I am comforted by your knotted hands that stroke my back. Sometimes, it is hard for you to keep up the motion and then I am satisfied with just your hand resting on top of me so that I can feel your love. Slowly, our breathing syncs together as I sense the rise and fall of your belly in unison with mine.

The best time is when I turn toward you and you put your hands on my face. You stare at me with your white, milky eyes and I gaze back. The lines etched on your face show me the topography of your expansive life. We are connected. I can never tell you how I feel or how much I appreciate your loving care, but know I will always listen and protect you. When you hold me and see me, I know it is okay that I cannot talk. You understand. That is the best time because you know, like I do, that we are in this together.

Copyright © 2024 by Colleen Gonzalez