Arlynn Bloom – Jam Session


Initiator Artist: Arlynn Bloom
Artwork Title: Jam Session
Medium: Oil Paint
Price: $1800

Responder Author: Jim Gunshinan
Writing Title: Saxophone Sounds
Size: 8.5″x11″
Price: $275


All around him are exhausted.

Just the music is left.

It moves East

perpendicular to thought.

Silk and cymbals.

A tub of butter.

Why don’t you love me?

I’ve had it. 


Cranky seagulls

floating in air.

I want you, bad.


Speak up, I can’t hear you.

Gravel in honey.

Amber is the color of music.

Sweat sadness at the last.

It hurts so good.


Copyright © 2024 by Jim Gunshinan