Stacy Spell – I’m Here


Artist Initiator: Stacy Spell
Title: I’m Here
Medium: Photography
Price: $125

Author Responder: Senait Mesfin Piccigallo
Title: Swallowing the Sun
Price: $350

I am not your average big cat, My spots, unique, set me apart from my kin. Swiftly I move, bewildering both foe and feast, This is my strength, my power within. My tails, like radar, guide me in chase, Mid-flight I shift, with grace and finesse. I nurture, I guide, I teach my young, In unity, we triumph, I must confess. Have you witnessed me sprint across the Savannah? With purpose, I dance, in elegant flight. My gentle demeanor may bemuse the crowd, Expecting a roar, they find delight in my light. Do not underestimate my gentle soul, Freedom, my essence, I cherish and uphold. For I, too, am a creature of the sun, In its warmth, my magnificence unfolds. Alas, our numbers dwindle, a mystery to me, Hunted for skin, a tale beyond belief. Why strip away nature’s gift so pure, To adorn with what’s fake, a foolish motif? My heart aches for a world gone astray, Where beauty is plundered, wisdom led astray. Yet, the sun still shines, a beacon of hope, Calling us back to love, to a brighter day.No need to diminish another’s shine, For within each soul, beauty does reside.Sit, embrace, let the sun’s rays caress, For its light, for you, it’s meant to provide. I do not need to tear or to maim, To feel the strength coursing through my veins. I bask in my essence, in my skin so unique, With spots unseen, my individuality reigns.I simply open wide and let the light in, Swallowing the sun, its warmth, its spin. For they say, “you are what you eat,” my friend, And I, I feast on the sun, from start to end. So watch me glow, radiant and true, For the sun, my sustenance, courses through. In its embrace, I spend my days, Swallowing the sun, in all its glorious hues.


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