Nina Krebs – Beware the Gilded Toad


Initiator Artist: Nina Krebs
Artwork Title: Beware the Gilded Toad
Medium: Acrylic
Price:  $225

Responder Author: Ophelia Turner
Writing Title: Song of the Gilded Toad
Price:  $50


Magnificence is not measured by height

Nor is it calculated by weight 

There is power in my smallness 

In the minute ways I can crawl through the grass 

Hunting worms and snails 

To fill the ever-gnawing chasm 

Of my stomach 

I am the king of toads 

Gilded beyond dreams 

Gold has no place in my world 

But I am crowned by nature 

Forever rich with the soil embodiment 

Of the cosmos 

Drenched in sunlight’s benediction 

And the assuredness that only royalty bestows 

Snail slime is my red carpet 

As I make my merry way  

Through the woodlands and swamps 

I hum my song 

Alerting all to my exalted presence 

The king is here 

I croak and creak 

To the roots of the trees 

And all the creatures 

Smaller than I 


Copyright © 2024 by Ophelia Turner