Mark Coffey – Sailing Through a Field of Dreams


Initiator Artist: Mark Coffey
Artwork Title: Sailing Through a Field of Dreams
Medium: Giclee
Price:  $400

Responder Author: Bill Carmel
Writing Title: Song of the Wind
Price:  $100 donation to LAC


Waves of tall wild oats and barley. Ripples of sweet wildflowers –
mustards, goldenrods, poppies, paintbrushes, and lupines.
Waves of wind in the tall oak trees whispering sweet songs to the
resident foxes, squirrels, owls, wasps, and crows. They respond
with song.
Captain Munchausen hears the songs and plots his voyage to the
He dreams of atmospheric rivers and roiling clouds of early
spring that shape green Chaparral hills into sweet curves.
He dreams he hears the sweet melody of cool breezes sculpting
waves of deep green grasses under deep blue skies and cumulus
Captain Munchausen and his crew dream of armada-shaped
clouds as they train for their voyage to the Moon. Captain
Munchausen and his crew of fifteen sail the sloop on sculpted
Chaparral waves.
Fifteen sailors in Munchausen’s crew and no one at the wheel.
They dream their way through the Chaparral hills under the
watch of the shrouded Moon.
Through waves capped with white cumulus spume sails a ship of
fools intent on the Moon with no one at the wheel. In the midday
light they dream of the Moon as the sloop slips into the spume.


Copyright © 2024 by Bill Carmel