Jane Russell – Dream


Initiator Artist: Jane Russell 
Artwork Title: Dream
Medium: Mixed Media
Price:  $400

Responder Author: Jim Gunshinan
Writing Title: Relationships
Size: 11″ x 17″
Price:  $275


In Jung’s model of the psyche

the Ego sits on top

of the unconscious

using the metaphor

of deep water.

Within the depths of the unconscious

lies the True Self, off screen.

The Ego fights to get out

of the model. The True Self

is a tired lover.

The ego is a balloon

bouncing on the ocean.

So many garbage barges

upturned and spilled

into the ocean’s body.

Hidden deep beneath the plastic

debris and derelict fishing gear

lives the Great Blue Whale

whose life and mating habits

are unknown to man. 

You can barely hear her.

But her heart is as big as a car.


Copyright © 2024 by Jim Gunshinan