Instructions for Exhibitors – Art Galleries at Orinda Library and Wilder

If you are already scheduled to exhibit in one of our galleries, please do the following:

1) Become a Gallery Arts Partner

All artists who show work in the galleries curated by the Lamorinda Arts Council are asked to join our Arts Partner program as a condition of showing their work.  The fee for a one month show in one of the four exhibit spaces in the Art Gallery at the Orinda Library is $25 for individuals and $100 for organizations that use all four exhibit spaces. The fee for a one month solo exhibit in the Art Gallery at Wilder is $25, which is reduced based on limited gallery availability due to COVID-19.  These fees can be paid here or by mailing a check made payable to the Lamorinda Arts Council at PO Box 121, Orinda CA, 94563 within 3 months prior to your exhibit.  Becoming an Arts Partner will allow you access to many wonderful perks associated with the Lamorinda Arts Council, such as posting to our online Arts Calendar, submitting articles for potential inclusion in our Newsletter, and being a part of our searchable Artist Directory.  Please renew these fees yearly to continue receiving benefits.

2) Review the Gallery Dimensions

Click here to review specific gallery dimensions for each gallery Use these dimensions to plan the scope of your exhibit.

3)  Review Your Collection for Eligibility

The Art Gallery at the Orinda Library and the Art Gallery at Wilder Art are public spaces visited by patrons of all ages. When making a recommendation regarding works of art for possible inclusion in its exhibits and programs, the Lamorinda Arts Council shall consider whether the artwork:

  • Provokes thought, ignites creativity, and reflects the diverse social, cultural, or historic values of the Lamorinda community.
  • Furthers the principles of equity, inclusiveness, and freedom of expression.
  • Augments and enhances the distinguished contributions of local and regional artists to the Lamorinda Arts Council and the cities of Lafayette, Moraga, and Orinda.
  • Does no contain religious iconography intended to be perceived as government endorsement of religion in violation of the Establishment Clause of the Federal and State Constitutions.
  • Would not, when displayed, create a hostile work environment for public employees.
  • Does no depict graphic violence or overt sexual activity.

Artwork will be approved for display at the discretion of the Lamorinda Arts Council and the City of Orinda.  If you have questions about the suitability of your content, contact the curator of the Art Gallery at the Orinda Library here, and/or the curator of the Art Gallery at Wilder here.

4)  Download the Instructions for Installation and Take Down of Art

Artists are required to install their own art. We suggest artists not install or take down their art alone as the logistics of mounting, toting the art to and from the car can be time consuming.

Click here for specific instructions regarding the installation and take down of art in each gallery.

5)  Accessing the Galleries

Art Gallery at the Orinda Library is on the second floor of the Orinda Library building and is usually reached by elevator or stairs. To simplify access, the driveway behind the library building will be open for use on installation days.  Enter the parking lot of the library building, pass the underground parking entrance on your left, and then turn left towards the back of the building.  This will allow you to access the gallery space without the need of an elevator.  You can unload at the back door to the Garden Room, which is usually open, or you can drive near the end of the driveway and unload to your left via the patio which leads to the glass doors of the Gallery.  A ladder will be provided to assist you with your installation.  If you plan to use the ladder please bring a helper to assist you.

Art Gallery at Wilder:  Take Highway 24 towards the Caldicott Tunnel. On the East side of the tunnel (Orinda side), take the Wilder exit. Upon entering the Wilder development take the first right into the field parking lots. You will see a sign for the Art & Garden Center.  Drive through the lots as far as possible until you see the stairs and ramp up to Fields 4 and 5. Park here. The Art Gallery at Wilder is in the Art & Garden Center.  For a map of Wilder, click here.

6)  Art Sales and Commissions

We encourage you to sell your art during your exhibit through direct contact with patrons. Any sales contracted as a result of or related to an exhibit in a Lamorinda Arts Council gallery is subject to a 20% commission paid to the Lamorinda Arts Council.  These proceeds help fund art programs throughout the Lamorinda community.

If sales occur during your artist reception, please place a “red dot” on your artwork labels.  Curators who are present during the artist reception will provide red dots for you.  If your work is in the Art Gallery at the Orinda Library glass cabinets, ask the curator to open it for you so you can access your labels and place the red dot(s).

Once you have made a sale, you may submit your commission by check or online via this link.

For sale of artwork through our online galleries, payments will be made through the LAC website and then forwarded to the artist. Sales price set by the artist is subject to CA state tax, which will be included in the sales price listed in the gallery. LAC will retain a 20% commission on all works sold.

7)  Receptions

Receptions are a lot of fun and a good opportunity to sell your art!

Artist receptions at the galleries have been pre-scheduled by the Lamorinda Arts Council.  They typically take place the first weekend of the month.  The Lamorinda Arts Council provides setups such as tablecloths, small plates, napkins, cups, tongs and serving pieces, Artists provide the food and drinks.  Prior to the install you should receive the PDF listed below. Please keep in mind we are a volunteer organization and need your participation to make everything work. Review the "reception information" PDF below.

For specific reception information related to the Art Gallery at Wilder, please contact

For specific reception information for the Art Gallery at the Orinda Library, click here. Send questions to, At your install the curators will ask exhibiting artists to decide among themselves who brings what. The Gallery Room is provided by the City as a staging place for all setups, food, drinks. 

Recommendations for successful receptions:

Designate some friends to oversee/replenish the refreshments for you and to take pictures of your installed artwork, with your supporters and fellow artists.  This will free you up to mingle with guests, discuss your work and initiate sales.

Be sure to send invitations to your guests! We recommend notifying your guests 2 months, 1 months, 2 weeks and a short reminder a few days before the event. Feel free to copy the calendar listing about your reception and exhibit from our Event Directory here.  NOTE: How many guests show up at a reception is always related to how many personal invitations each artists sends out.