Sharon Tama – Hindsight


Initiator Artist: Sharon Tama
Artwork Title: Hindsight
Medium: Acrylic
Price:  $975

Responder Author: Jill Hedgecock
Writing Title: Too Late?
Price:  $20


Once there were sixty rhino species 

Now there are five

Two in Africa:

White and black

Which are

Not white

Not black

But gray

Once 500,000 rhinos roamed the earth

Now there are: 

6,487 black rhinos

16,800 southern white rhinos

TWO northern white rhinos

Poaching, habitat loss 

And now climate change

Threaten their existence

Will we stop the poaching?

Will humans share the land?

Will we stop generating more greenhouse gases?  

Hindsight can be a wonderful way to learn from mistakes

Hindsight can explain what happened

Hindsight can lead to better choices in the future


Hindsight can also be too late


Copyright © 2024 by Jill Hedgecock