Ruth Stanton – Slice of Life (SOLD)


Initiator Artist: Ruth Stanton
Artwork Title: Slice of Life
Medium: Acrylic
Price:  $800

Responder Author: B. Lynn Goodwin
Writing Title: Catitude



By Misty McKitters as told to B. Lynn Goodwin

Bad Mama! BAD! 

Just who do you think you are stroking the black keys on the titanium box that’s perched on your lap again. What are you doing anyway? Writing your memoir? Googling? Reading some salacious novel? Having a torrid talk with anonymous mystery man? 

Listen, Mama, you know where my loyalties lie. I live here. Every day—except when I’m out hunting. You haven’t even asked what I left on the porch for you.


I deign to purr when stroked. I’ll even sit in your lap when you ask. 

Yet you’re cradling the titanium box there instead of me. What is WRONG with the picture, Madame Mother? Have you no feelings for the bereft yet majestic cat-cat sitting on the arm of our sofa? 

If you’re writing to a new cat, I will never forgive you. I’m loyal to you and I expect you to reciprocate. MEOW! 

Why, you charming, non-intuitive princess, blooming with abundant affection, attention, and love. You looked at me and said, “Are you all right?”  

Shall we split a mouse for supper? And while we share our tasty repast, just this once, could you remember to ask me about my day?


Copyright © 2024 by B. Lynn Goodwin

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