Lance Jackson – Verasphere


Artist Initiator: Lance Jackson
Title: Verasphere
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Price: $1500

Author Responder: Bill Carmel
Title: veraSphere
Price: $100 Donation to LAC

There used to be places for all living things to birth, to grow, to thrive,
to grow old, and then fold into other things. Living things coexisted
and there was enough for all.

Living things make things. So much activity making things: things that
contain, things that adorn, things that convey, things that make other
things. Living things discard many things that aren’t needed anymore.
Discarded things collect into heaps of junk and decay into toxic stuff
that contaminates the waters, the land, and the air. Very sad!

There are many living things that collect some of these discarded
things from the heaps of junk. Vera is a living thing that selects and
collects lots of junk. Vera makes things with this junk that adorn other
living things.

Then the adorned living things dance, make music, and parade on
black tar roads. In turn, the adorned things adorn the land; the sky
and the waters dance with them. Even though Vera and the other
living things are filled with things that will kill them, they create and
recreate as they make art from junk. This is the sphere that Vera calls
into being.

The sphere that Vera creates is vital to my life. Within this great
sphere, living things adorn themselves then sing and dance. The
vibrations from these celebrations heal me.


©2024 Bill Carmel