Indie Lee – A Dappled Forest Ride

Artist: Indie Lee
Title: A Dappled Forest Ride
Medium: Oil Pastel and Micron Pen
Grade: 12th
School: Miramonte High School
Teacher: Michelle Flynn



I created this piece in a book spread using oil pastels, micron pen, and stickers. This layout is dedicated to the thrills of mountain biking and discovery in nature. In the style of artist Duri Baek, I drew a forest brought to life by the movement and vibrancy of the sunlight. I overlaid a cutout drawing of myself on a bike to capture the excitement of flying through the trees with my surroundings whizzing past. The insects camouflaged in the background establish stillness in a scene of motion. They represent the hidden joys in ordinary landscapes, and the abundance of life that exists beyond one’s worldview.