Anna Ryan – Running Out of Time

Studies show that by the year 2100, Emperor penguins will be wiped off the face of the Earth due to dramatic inclines in the global warming crisis. The low sea ice levels in 2022 caused over 9,000 baby Emperor penguin deaths. However, Emperor penguins are not the only victims of global warming. Climate change will continue to worsen and destroy everything in its path if we as a society do not unify and fight it together. We have sat idle for far too long; we are running out of time to prevent the permanent effects global warming will have on the Earth. So, with this piece, I designed a cover for the iconic Time magazine as commentary on the climate change crisis. I used salt sprinkled atop watercolor to create a fire-like background, then painted penguins also with watercolor on a separate piece of paper. I cut out the penguins along with the main lettering. I then layered multiple pieces of paper below to mimic the Time magazine border.