Briana Van Den Broeck – Golden Hawk


Artist Initiator: Briana Van Den Broeck
Title: Golden Hawk
Medium: Mixed Media
Price: $600

Author Responder: Fran Cain
Title: Oh, to Fly

It is the bird I admire most of all in the animal kingdom, and the hawk the most of all the birds. I cannot get over my envy when I watch them circling above, effortlessly riding aircurrents, their sharpened vision searching for sustenance.

Once, I witnessed a hawk pluck its prey from the sky and wrangle it to the ground in my back yard. I felt terrible dismay for the poor creature, but then I observed from a distance as the hawk labored steadfastly for hours upon hours to prepare the meal. This was nature, wasting nothing but inedible feathers, and it was hard work. Finally, the hawk flew away with its reward grasped tightly in its talons. I imagined the moment the hawk arrived back at the nest, greeted by its demanding family which had no concern for the amount of effort required to provide for them. This was nurture. The reward was in the giving.

​ I love high places and have no fear of heights. I zipline high in the forests, parachute from planes, float over valleys in hot air balloons, climb to the highest buttes, and stand precipitously, if foolishly, near the edges of canyons and skyscrapers. I am thrilled during takeoff and calmed by the vibrations of the engines when I ride planes and jets.

​ Perhaps one day this yearning of mine to fly will be fulfilled in a rebirth as a soaring hawk. Until then, I will search the skies and listen for the shrill calls of my airborne friends.

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