Bill Carmel – What I Learned in the Third Grade


Artist Initiator: Bill Carmel
Title: What I Learned in Third Grade
Medium: Mixed Media
Price: $2000

Author Responder: Brian Shea
Title: What I Learned in Third Grade
Price: $10

Acceptance from new little people, not yet friends; 

Embraces for a scraped knee, not yet scabbed;

Sticky glue, dull scissors, a smile, a tease,

An embarrassed-colored blush;

Spiky brushes tumbling from Dixie cups, 

sudden distraction.

Eddies of yellow and sapphire tempura;

Fledging into the tumult of Van Gogh’s world,

An unraveled nest,

Woven of love and unpredictability.


Copyright © 2024 by Brian Shea