Anar Munkhbold – Reminiscence

This piece Reminiscence is my fourth project from AP Studio Art where my theme is universal love languages. I made this piece on watercolor paper with a watercolor base and additional acrylic paint. In the beginning stages of working, I began by taking a reference picture with my mom. Taking my own reference pictures gives it a much more authentic feeling and also helps a lot with proportions and for me to make the piece look the way I want it to. As the piece progressed, I encountered some challenges like finding the right colors or keeping it realistic. It took a lot of layers and trust to build it to what I wanted it to look like. My piece came together as a result of trusting the process and my own knowledge and it reflects my commitment to bettering myself as an artist and improving my skills. I want my work to convey the feeling of love and comfort in common scenes like the one I show in my work, which I know many people have probably experienced. Reflecting on my process, I believe that I succeeded in my goal of improving on my painting over the course of semester 1. In future projects, I want to improve the expressive qualities of my pieces to make it more understandable, incorporating lessons I learned from this experience.