Lamorinda SuperShorts Film Tips

Tips and Tricks for Filmmakers

Thank you to award winning filmmaker, Adarsh Gupta for leading our Filmmaker Workshop on Monday, April 12th! Adarsh discussed storytelling and the creative process in making a film.  You can see examples of his work HERE on Vimeo.

Camera Tips:

  • Hold your camera horizontally (landscape direction) for a more cinema style picture. This gives you more room to crop your image for a better shot. If you hold your phone in portrait direction, you will have black areas on each side of your video clip.
  • Consider a tripod for a more stable wide angle shot
  • Get creative with camera angles - try shooting the same scene from different points of view to see which you like better

Audio Tips:

  • Consider an external microphone to improve audio quality.  Many can be found on Amazon that either connect to an iPhone or are wireless via Bluetooth
  • Background music, used deliberately, can enhance your film. But be sure you have the “right” to use that music. Here are some sites that offer music that can be used royalty free.

Editing Tips:

  • If using an iPhone or Mac, iMovie is robust and largely intuitive editing software. Free versions exist for Mac and also for use directly on an iPhone or iPad. There are also other free editing software options:
  • For a professional look, add beginning titles and closing credits to your film

For a link to the 2019 Documentary Training Packet, click here.


Submit your three-minute movies via Film Freeway.
Submission deadline is Friday, May 14th at midnight.

Winners will be announced Wednesday, May 19th, 2021 at 7pm.
Entries are $5 per film; unlimited entries accepted.  Upload your movie @
(If the entry fee presents a barrier to submission, please contact us here and let us know.)