Apply as an Artist for Art Embraces Words

Thank you for your interest in Art Embraces Words. In order to be considered for selection as an artist in our series, please fill out the online form below.  Please read the following important information first.

Information for Artist Participants in Zoom Webinars:

  • Two to three artist presenters are scheduled at each Zoom webinar; occasionally we invite a national or international guest artist. Artist presenters are alternated with writer presenters by our emcee and are visible to the Audience on the video feed.
  • You will be introduced by our emcee. All attendees will then view a slideshow of your original artwork described below. After the slideshow our emcee will field questions from the audience about your work. Be prepared to answer questions about the works you are showing.
  • We ask each artist to provide three high resolution photographs of original artwork and a headshot. Artwork can include any mixture of: ceramics, sculpture, collage, acrylic paintings, watercolors, oil paintings, fabric art, drawings, lino prints, digital art, mixed media or photographs.
  • Your photos will be made into a slideshow presentation and displayed on the Zoom video feed for all to see.
  • For each photo we need: your name, title, size, media and price - if not for sale we will list it as "NFS."
  • Programs will always take place on a Sunday.
  • Selected Panelists will be notified by email five or more days prior to the event and asked to confirm via email as soon as possible.
  • You will receive a Program via email prior to the event showing the exact lineup of readers and artists who will be introduced.
  • Approximately five programs are scheduled throughout the calendar year. Submissions are considered on a rolling deadline. This means your application may be accepted for the next scheduled program or future programs.
  • We will email you the Panelists Zoom link within 48 hours the event. Do not forward this link for audience members you wish to invite as it is reserved for Panelists only.
  • We will email you an Audience Zoom link separately.
  • The entire program is recorded, reduced in length, and made available on our website.
  • View our August 30, 2020 program HERE.
  • View our July 19, 2020 program HERE.



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