Ziyu Bai – Fragility

This piece was done in graphic pencils and charcoal, I wanted to explore themes of substance addiction issues in today’s society, especially among younger generations, and the damages it induces physically and mentally. By layering different elements in this piece, it creates a sense of depth and causes some subjects to be hidden. The eye and lip are highly detailed, with damaged wrinkles and skin textures. The torn paper and shattered glass show the fragility of one’s mental state as the substances cause harm to their body. The broken moth wings act as a metaphor for self-destructiveness as people willingly intake addictive substances such as nicotine and other drugs due to pressure from others and a desire to feel fulfilled while being educated about the harm and danger behind them. The smoke coming from the figure gives the entire piece an uneasy feeling as it creates movements and texture around them. And the overall atmosphere creates a perspective of fragmented memory with receipts, and glass fragments in the background. With the overwhelming pressure society gives today, many might resort to harmful ways whether willingly or not, it is important to understand their circumstances and help those in need of our aid. While simultaneously acknowledging the capacity to provide support and recognize the power you can hold in your agency as these issues become more prominent in our lives.