*3rd Place, Digital Art: Vivian Tolajian – Morning Paper

Artist: Vivian Tolajian
Title: Morning Paper
Medium: Procreate
Grade: 11th
School: Campolindo High School
Artwork Created Independently



This drawing was originally created traditionally for my AP art class sophomore year, but I remade a digital version of it on Procreate to achieve a different style. The inspiration behind this piece is based on my dad, who has always been responsible for my love of cartoons, comics, and art in general. We would get up early on weekends to watch shows like Samurai Jack, Adventure Time, and Power-puff Girls throughout the majority of my childhood, and I wanted to represent the love that we both had for an art form that is often considered to not have a lot of depth and be “less than” other mediums/styles. Each character in the “exploding” part of the drawing is one from an old graphic novel or show my dad has shown me. This appreciation for more playful, animated styles at a young age fostered my passion for drawing and creating characters and cartoons of my own and helped me understand that art does not have to be realistic or traditional in order to be powerful and beautiful.