*1st Place, Digital Art: Joseph Pak – Human Nature

Artist: Joseph Pak
Title: Human Nature
Medium: Ink, Digital Overlay
Grade: 12th
School: The College Preparatory School
Artwork Created Independently



Human Nature is a piece that started with an ink drawing exploring the harmonization of human structures with both floral and fungal structures. The second part is a digital harmonization showing the ink drawing overlaid with graphic and typographic images. I sought to depict the complex beauty involved in the interaction between humanity and nature.

Starting with the natural, organically created elements using ink, the overlay of the digital elements took many forms, colors, and iterations. I’m not certain if I actually enjoy the digitally manipulated versions. As much as I tried to enhance the original image with digital elements, I think I might prefer it “unedited”… but that’s just me, the viewers are left to decide for themselves.