Sonya Barnett – Faces

Artist: Sonya Barnett
Title: Faces
Media: Photography
Grade: 11th
School: Bentley Upper School
Teacher: Aram Muksian



For this assignment, I used a variety of mediums such as Photoshop and face paint. I wanted to encapsulate the idea of “you are what you wear”; today many people put effort into choosing the perfect outfit with consideration of present-day trends. I wanted to match the face paint to the outfit metaphorically representing how beauty and clothes are often required to match. The eyes on my face are meant to symbolize the constant attention one may receive as they are either praised or targeted based on a fashion choice. In this society, worth is often defined by the current trends styles, and beauty standards. All eyes may be on a person or no eyes may be on a person, it depends on where you look. A person may be painted by society based on what they wear and how they act but it’s important to paint your own style.