Natalie Bove – Euphoria

Artist: Natalie Bove
Title: Euphoria
Media: Digital Photography
Grade: 12th
School: Camplindo High School
Teacher: Justin Seligman



I used a digital camera to take this photograph. I had 2 of my friends pose for me with extremely happy expressions. I had them move to another position quickly and it created a duplicated look while I was taking the piece; I knew that the camera would take a second to register the photo so I used this to my advantage while I was photographing. I wanted the photo to feel like extreme bliss and overwhelming happiness. This was a piece that was made for my AP portfolio, when I listen to music I become immersed into other worlds. The music that inspired this piece was “Etude de Concert in D Flat Major, S144 No. 3: ‘Un Sospiro'” by Franz Liszt and Alba Ventura. The music takes me to a slow-moving world. I feel as though I am surrounded by people and objects nearly frozen in time and almost duplicating and shuttering.