Samantha McNally – Penguins


Initiator Artist: Samantha McNally
Artwork Title: Penguins
Medium: Watercolor
Price:  $425

Responder Author: Anindita Basu
Writing Title: Penguins


Oh regal bird of the snow

Bird you never were though.

Your flapping wings were meant for the ocean 

Not soaring up to heaven. 

Wearing a formal tuxedo you looked up to the sky 

 It’s not because you couldn’t fly.

Your gesture had some other meaning.

There were sounds of keening

You held your head high 

When the sun was going by

I heard your helpless cry 

Your frustrated frown

Your silent sigh.

It was because 

You missed your soulmate 

Who died and left you with that fate  

Lonesome you are, loyal birdie. 

You pined away to be with  him 

One more time 

Now, or in another life.

When the world is falling apart 

With cruelty and apathy  

While nations are at war 

Near and far 

You taught me something 

About love 

About grieving 

Regal Emperor Penguin 


Copyright © 2024 by Dita Basu (Anindita)