Penelope Larner – Look For Me Under Your Boot-Soles

Artist: Penelope Larner
Title: Look For Me Under Your Boot-Soles
Medium: Canon SLR
Grade: 10th
School: The Athenian School
Teacher: Adam Thorman



The concept behind my photo was inspired by Walt Whitman’s poem entitled “Song of Myself.” Whitman discusses the importance of appreciating the world in its natural beauty. How this is the only way we as people can achieve true happiness. With the new technological advancements we have made in the past couple of decades, I rarely see people admiring something as simple as a spear of grass penetrating the water’s surface. In this, it is easy to forget that we were created above the earth and we will die beneath the earth, and as we decompose, the bodies we leave behind will be the fuel and nutrients for new life. “I bequeath myself to the dirt to grow from the grass I love, If you want me again look for me under your boot-soles.” I think of death fondly, for in its rebirth, my bones will feed the worms who create the dirt that will be carried on the boot-soles of my great-grandchildren for generations to come. This cyclic and wonderful world is something to be cherished and appreciated. This picture captures a woman who has recently passed. As she looks into the pond, she does not see her reflection, she has died. But she does see the water, the soil, the leaves quivering in the wind. The fact that she is dead does not concern her, for she knows she will be immortalized in all of the nature that surrounds her.