Kara Jitodai – Merging Methods

Artist: Kara Jitodai
Title: Merging Methods
Medium: Ceramic Glaze
Grade: 10th
School: Bentley Upper School
Teacher: Joanne Ludwig



I combined two newly found curiosities of ceramics and architecture into one piece to create art with complementary and juxtaposing features, demonstrating how one can merge passions to expand one’s knowledge in each field. In addition, I have also merged methods within those interests. To construct the piece, I gently molded the top of the circular, wheel-thrown vase into a square and scored and slipped three sets of four hand-built triangular slabs on the rounded vase to construct the abstract top. Like the use of two ceramic methods of hand building and wheel throwing, my glaze work was inspired by two different styles of architecture, art deco from 1920 to the 30s and contemporary from the present. I designed the top with rosy pink and periwinkle blue taken from Art Deco’s use of bright colors, and I incorporated triangles to mimic its geometric style. In contrast, I glazed the bottom with a black triangular pattern to represent the minimalistic aspect of contemporary architecture, still preserving the flow of geometric shapes throughout the piece.