Eva Schroeder – Microcosmos

Artist: Eva Schroeder
Title: Microcosmos
Medium: iPhone XS
Grade: 12th
School: Miramonte High School
Artwork Created Independently



While I was out on a walk one day after it’d rained, I walked past this puddle and I did a double take. The puddle was so reflective that it perfectly captured the trees overhanging it, as well as the clouds in the sky above. Not only that, but the asphalt below sparkled through the water, almost like a galaxy. I immediately took a picture of the puddle and ever since, it has been one of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken, and I really wanted to share it with others. I named it Microcosmos as an homage to the song Mikrokosmos by BTS because whenever I look at the picture, I see another galaxy inside the water, reminding me of all the beauty you can find by just stepping outside.