Erica Gombodorj – Dissatisfaction

The purpose of this project was to show how focusing on your outer appearance can become unhealthy. I chose to do this because it went along with my theme which is “the desire for constant change” and I wanted to focus on the motives for change. In this day and age, society places a lot of value on physical appearance, making teenagers extremely self-aware. This hyper-focus on their appearance leads them to believe they need to change something about themselves in order to be content. I cut out pieces of the face and framed them around the figure to show the person focusing on each feature of the face. Having these close-ups puts emphasis on how they focus on the little details. I also intentionally made the background an almost distorted, blurry pattern in order to imply that everything in the background was blurred out, putting all the focus on the features of the face. The background also shows how overwhelming it can be to constantly be worrying about your looks.