Darya Inamova – Portrait of a Lady in Melodrama

I was inspired by my feelings of emotional repression. I struggle with incredibly powerful emotions of sadness and anger in my day-to-day life and society forces me to make them smaller and suppress them. I feel as if these emotions make me seem melodramatic but they are often too much for me to handle. I tried to depict my emotions in this painting as a person inside of this girl. My emotions come out of the blue so strongly that I sometimes feel like they are their own entity inside of me trying to take the forefront. This girl is vulnerable through the lack of clothing and her real feelings are revealed for the world to judge her. Though she tries to appear perfectly happy and put together with her combed hair and neutral expression, the imperfect parting in her hair and her tired eyes give away how exhausted she is from keeping these emotions at bay. She is nearing the capacity of repression and as she loses strength, her real emotions are coming out during her judgement trial. Those who see her emotions surfacing view her as melodramatic.