Anna Ryan – Garden Goose

Artist: Anna Ryan
Title: Garden Goose
Medium: Crochet
Grade: 10th
School: Miramonte High School
Artwork Created Independently



Garden Goose is a handmade crochet stuffed animal I designed last year. Garden Goose wears a lavender flower hat, along with a matching lavender flower backpack. As I created him, I wrote down step-by-step instructions, which I turned into a PDF pattern available for purchase on my website. Anyone around the world can purchase my pattern to create their own unique garden goose. So far, almost 100 people have purchased and recreated my pattern. Seeing something I put so many hours into generate so much traction and love from the crochet community warms my heart. I love seeing the different color schemes and concepts other crocheters choose to use; it makes each garden goose unique. I hope to see other crocheters continue to create garden geese for as long as the pattern is published.