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Gallery Hours

The Art Gallery at the Orinda Library is open during normal library hours. Monday through Thursday, 10:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m., and Friday and Saturday, 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Sunday it is open 1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

To view the current exhibit at the Art Gallery at Wilder, click here.

September Exhibit

The Art Gallery at the Orinda Library will feature the work of nonstop sisters-in-art Mei-Rung Huang and Mei-Yu Lo, and Wayne Wright during the month of September. The artists' reception takes place on September 8, 2:30-4:30, with light refreshments served.

Mei-Yu Lo of El Cerrito teaches adult watercolor and acrylic painting classes at the El Cerrito Community Center when she is not doing her own work. She is showing two groups of paintings in this show. The first group is a dozen acrylics on canvas – most are landscapes and the second group includes twenty recontextulized ladies that are mostly giclée prints on archival paper done in collaboration with her husband, Wayne Wright. Wright is exhibiting 15 single page post-modern book prints. Lo tries to communicate fashions, styles, attitudes, emotions and moods in her paintings. See what she’s up to at

Mei-Rung Huang of Orinda, studied painting with different masters to learn a variety of different Asian brush painting styles and after coming to America she discovered Western painting and ceramics and ever since has developed passions for both. In this show she focuses on ceramics by filling the glass cabinets with 50 pieces such as teapots and cups, vessels, bowls and containers. She says she is directly influenced by her Chinese background because her work depicts Asian figures directly or incorporates Asian shapes into her more geometric works. Keep in mind the balance, fluidity and grace of traditional Chinese art as you view Huang’s ceramics. To view more of Huang’s work go to


August Exhibit

The Gallery this month features wood turning, paintings and award winning high school art.

The Art Gallery at the Orinda Library will feature the work of multiple artists during the month of August. The artists' reception takes place on August 4, 2:30-4:30, with light refreshments served.

David Fleisig, of Berkeley, shows his pieces turned on a wood lathe. He stands in front of a fast spinning lathe with a sharp gouge tool, and his minute movements determine the shape of his wood pieces. He also incorporates colored epoxy into these pieces.

From Lafayette, Chung Ae Kim shows original paintings and giclee prints on the theme "Memories of My Lifetime of Travels".  Different cultures, architectural styles and other historical times all reflect in her work.

Laurie Mansur, from Concord, is showing works of oil painting that are 8" x 8". She has worked in oil for about ten years and is a student of Patsy Taylor. Her inspiration is the American Southwest.

The ten paintings Patsy Taylor, of Concord, shows explore family connections. She creatively combines content from different sources and she tries to express the space between abstraction and realism.

This month, included in the exhibit will be two award winners from the High School Visual Arts Competition that the Lamorinda Arts Council sponsors in February. Larkin Stephanos won overall in three competitions: The Council’s High School Visual Art Competition, California Art Education Association’s (CAEA) Northern California Level competition and CAEA’s State Level competition. Her winning entry, Book Jacket, received a $1000 cash award. Shae Silva won second place in the Council’s High School Visual Art Competition.  She is also winner of the prestigious CAEA Northern California 2019 Ruth Jansen Prize for her achievement in the visual arts.  She received an award of $100 for Zebra on Cardboard.


July Exhibit

Paintings, book illustrations, and painted wine bottles are in the Gallery this month.

The Art Gallery at the Orinda Library will feature five artists during the month of July and the artists' recption takes place on July 7, 2:30-4:30, with light refreshments served.

Elaine and Rob Drew work together on book projects. Rob wrote Tales in the Night Sky (a family guide to star gazing) and Elaine illustrated it. Elaine is exhibiting watercolors and prints that went into illustrating Rob's book and also gouache paintings that illustrated her own book, Courting Trouble.

Kath Balamuth's work will include paintings from her series "Succulent Succulents" and a series of painted wine bottles.
“21st Century Flâneurs,” is a show of paintings that are artists Jeanette Baird’s and Joanne Taeuffer’s glimpses of life in today’s world.

The paintings in “21st Century Flâneurs” depict the life Jeanette and Joanne catch sight of as they follow the path of the 19th Century French Impressionist flâneurs. The impressionist flâneur was someone who strolled through the modern world and observed and recorded that world.

The two artists bring individual points of view to their observations and work. Jeanette is often searching for beauty and calm, while Joanne seeks out quirkiness and color. The two visions complement and contrast with one another throughout the show.


June Exhibit

Ceramics, Photographs and Paintings are in the Gallery this month.

The Art Gallery at the Orinda Library will feature four artists during the month of June.

A mix of ceramic, glass, and encaustic works by Andrea Ciak from Oakland show the ways she explores color, pattern, texture, and visual depth.

Photographer Jennifer Dzendzel of Orinda shows more than twenty photographs of landscapes and nature-themed images. Creative portraits are also included.

With vibrant, bold colors, Carla W. Gelbaum, from Moraga, paints from her imagination. Her rendition of universal themes in bright acrylic colors expands on her theme of "Visual Sonatas" from her recollections and dreams.

Michelene Insalaco, from Orinda, is showing eleven pieces that emphasize words that relate to constitutional rights and violence that jeopardizes freedom and peace.


May Exhibit

In the Gallery this month—Paintings, Ceramics, and Wood!

The Art Gallery at the Orinda Library will feature five artists during the month of May.  Join them Sunday, May 5th, 2:30 to 4:30 PM for an artist reception where light refreshments will be served.

This month the glass cases will feature work by Kate Chenok and Kim Wolfe in a combined exhibit they call "Two Women Who Play With Fire." Chenok works in sagger fired clay and Wolfe uses pyography on her turned wood pieces. In a separate exhibit, Ellis Sjoberg's wood pieces balance function with artistic expression and he uses a variety of woods to create his art pieces.

The walls feature work by Arno Kober, chef at Shelby's Restaurant in Orinda, who showing large acrylic paintings. His paintings make versatile use of vivid acrylic colors. In addition, Bill Carmel, shows contrast in the work he has chosen for this show. His works revolve around paintings without words, local landscapes, and fractal patterns. These contrast with a commissioned portrait he is showing.


April Exhibit

Photography and Printmaking in the Gallery this month!
Reception Sunday, April 7th from2:30 to 4:30

The Art Gallery at the Orinda Library will feature three artists in April. A printmaker and two photographers will hang and display their work during April. Join them Sunday, April 7, 2:30 to 4:30 pm. for an artist reception where light refreshments will be served. Guests will also have an opportunity to meet "Venus," a Blue Front Amazon Parrot photographed in the exhibit, at the reception. She is owned and handled by George Boscoe, husband of Lamorinda Arts Council gallery co-curator Maggie Bosco.

Moose Wesler's prints will be featured in the two glass cases in the gallery. Wesler teaches art at Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School and printmaking at Center for Community Arts in Walnut Creek. She is exhibiting 40 works, mostly etchings and block prints.

Barbara Brady-Smith of Lafayette is showing about 20 avian photographs. Her photos of birds are breathtaking in their detail, clarity and color. She describes this as “freezing the wings of a bird in flight.”

Wenda Pyman, of San Francisco, has been a member of the Moraga Art Gallery for fifteen years. Her theme for the 20 photographs she is showing is “Intercepting Light.” Her large photographs show the way light and shadow play together pulling the viewer right into the massive scene.

February Exhibit

Lafayette/Moraga Arts Ambassadors

Exhibit runs February 1 - 13

Reception: Monday, February 4 from 4 to 6 pm
Light refreshments will be served

This annual exhibit features the work of elementary and middle school students from Moraga and Lafayette.

To learn more about this exciting event, read this article in the Orinda News.


February/March Exhibit

High School Visual Arts Competition

Exhibit runs February 14th through March 14th

Reception: Wednesday, February 20th from 7 to 8:30pm
Light refreshments offered, and awards will be announced

This annual exhibit showcases and acknowledges the 2D, 3D, and Photography/Digital Designs created by local high school artists who live in or attend school in Orinda, Lafayette, or Moraga, or Acalanes Union High School District, including Las Lomas High School.  The exhibit is accompanied by a competition and features cash awards and merit citations.

February Exhibit

Lafayette/Moraga Arts Ambassadors

Exhibit runs February 1 - 13

Reception: Monday, February 4 from 4 to 6 pm
Light refreshments will be served

This annual exhibit features the work of elementary and middle school students from Moraga and Lafayette.

To learn more about this exciting event, read this article in the Orinda News.


January Exhibit

Art for Winter

Three Painters for the New Year

Exhibit: The New Year Begins

The works of Francesca Saveri, Pam McCauley, and Joan Yao are presented in the Art Gallery in the Orinda Library during the month of January.

Francesca Saveri, a native Californian, is showing twenty abstract paintings done with encaustics (beeswax, damar resin and raw pigment). Saveri's work and life celebrate color and she sees color as a tool for well-being.

Pam McCauley was surrounded by art as she grew up in Lafayette. Her dozen works are on the theme of "Now and Then". These are current work mixed with earlier work and will include portraits and still lifes.

Joan Yao of Moraga is a native of Shanghai where she studied calligraphy and Chinese brush painting before coming to America. She displays forty works related to nature and displaying this venerable tradition of art making.

Contributed Photos

December Exhibit

Art for Winter

Artists Reception: Sunday December 2, 2:30 to 4:30 pm
Light Refreshments will be served

The works of Lynette Ley, Rita Sklar, and Joel Tesch are presented in the Art Gallery in the Orinda Library during the month of December. Ceramics by Terry Mar will also be displayed.

Lynette Ley learned to cherish and appreciate the beauty of plants when young and has transferred this love to her botanical art. Her theme is "Stories in Art" depicting simple subjects and nature.

Rita Sklar originally learned art from her mother but then gave it up for awhile. Once she returned she branched out into mixed media, collage and acrylics. She is showing more than twenty-five small paintings.

Joel Tesch is showing large and small works that derive from photographs. One of his themes is "Wild Skies Series" which are large and emphasize dynamic contrast and saturated color. He also has a series called "Icon Series".

Terry Mar has worked in ceramics for almost forty years. He was drawn to the raku process because of it is spontaneous and creative. His theme for his more than forty pieces shown is "Raku-Abstract Colors and Texture on Ceramics".

Contributed Photos

November Exhibit

Creative Strokes Collective

Artists Reception: Sunday November 4, 2:30 to 4:30 pm

The works of Linda Darsow Sutton and members of the Creative Strokes Collective (CSC) are presented in the Art Gallery in the Orinda Library during the month of November.

Linda Darsow Sutton is showing work divided between watercolors and oil paintings on the theme of water. She helps her students learn how to work with color do what they want it to do in their paintings. The show highlights Sutton's versatility as an instructor, as each participant has a different style of painting.

The Creative Strokes Collective is a group of six painters who joined together in Linda Sutton's watercolor class. The group has been painting together once a month for six years and each has their own style. The members with work being shown are Barney Howard, Chris Kutzscher, Neanna Miles, Anne Murray, and Alix Watson (who organized the show) showing watercolors. Bob Segerdell is showing both watercolors and oil paintings.

Light refreshments will be served at the reception on November 4th.

For images of this month's work, click the thumbnail below:

Contributed Photos

October Exhibit

Majestic Photographs, Nature Inspired Ceramics, Paintings of Succulents and Abstract Rhythms

Artists Reception: Sunday October 7th, 2:30 to 4:30 pm

The Lamorinda Arts Council is delighted to present the paintings of Kath Balamuth, Ruth Kolman Brophy and Friends, Sergiy Pechersky’s photographs, and ceramics from Ellen Sachtschale, Julie Langley and Miriam Jewell during the month of October at the Art Gallery in the Orinda Library.

Kath Balamuth calls this exhibit her Succulent Succulents Series; she says that succulents are easy for her to work with because they offer her all the elements of art she enjoys: form, color, texture, scale, value, line and shape.  Ruth Kolman Brophy and Friends (Lynn Glenn, Tina Pressler, and Elise Marshall) have an apt theme for the work they are showing - Abstract Rhythms. Each of them explores creating abstract art in a different way – some works combine figurative elements and some do not.

Sergiy Pechersky's work focuses on Yosemite and the Eastern Sierras.  An accomplished photographer who has exhibited extensively, he is showing about a dozen photographs.  Ellen Sachtschale, Julie Langley, and Miriam Jewell create and fire ceramics in the studio they have been sharing for the past three years.  Their theme for the 30 works they will be showing, Nature Pottery, arose out of their shared fascination for the myriad forms occurring in nature.

This is an eclectic collection of work that is not to be missed!

For images of this month's work, click the thumbnail below:

Contributed Photos

September Exhibit

Story Characters, Paintings, Art on Silk, and African Wildlife

Special Demonstration Artists Reception: Sunday September 9, from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm

In addition to light refreshments, this month's special artist reception will include demonstrations by three of the artists of how they create their work.

A variety of works will grace the walls of the Art Gallery at the Orinda Library during the month of September.

Shirley Sanderson will exhibit twenty-six framed photographs on the theme: "Under the African Skies." Most of the photos are from the safaris she has taken, and she hopes it will inspire the viewer towards conservation efforts.

Natasha Foucault has chosen to show fine art and wearable art in this exhibit. She travels to search for subject matter and then photographs it in order to paint.

Lara Horoupian shows about twenty works in mixed media that include acrylics, liquid ink, and Japanese origami papers. Her theme for the show was "always beginning with female energy, leaning towards the Earth and nature."

Francesca Borgatta's work relates to the theme of "story characters." Her work ranges from small figures, tiny landscapes, and dioramas to large expressive characters made from found objects. She has been active in the East Bay Creative Reuse for twenty years and delights in using found objects along with natural ones in her work.

For images of this month's work, click the thumbnail below:


Contributed Photos

August Exhibit

Oakland Art Association

Artists Reception: August 5, from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Light bites will be served

The Oakland Art Association is a non-profit group of fifty five artists and art supporters from Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. Watercolors, oil paintings, photographs, collage, acrylic paintings, pastels, ceramics, drawings and prints (including etchings and aquatints) will be shown. Over 80 works in genres from portraiture, landscapes, abstraction, still life and figurative will be on view. To learn more about OAA go to

To view images from this month's exhibit, click the photo below:

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July Exhibit

Artwork Inspired: From Batiks to London to the Redwoods
Artists Reception: July 8, from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Light bites will be served

Kabir Adejare's paintings demonstrate his symbolic lexicon in a batik process. June Felter is showing both watercolors and acrylics and has had a long life involved in the art world as a figurative painting exhibiting throughout the Bay Area. June's daughter, Susan Felter, is also exhibiting this month.  She is showing photographic work that represents emotional storytelling. Fred Lee creates digital paintings that are printed as giclees. Natalie Wheeler is also presenting the art work of her grandmother, Bessie Samuels, who painted all of her life. The work gives a window into the faces and fashions of the world in the 1950-60s. There are ten oil paintings and a variety of black and white photos on display.

Contributed Photos

June Exhibit

Contra Costa Camera Club
Artists Reception: June 3, from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Light bites will be served
Music by the Fretful String Band

Filling the entire gallery will be the members of the Contra Costa Camera Club. The CCCC is now 70 years old and has 84 members. Works will include nature and landscapes, photo journalism, portraits, architecture, and images manipulated with photoshop. The artists come from all areas of our county.

Contributed Photos

March Exhibit

High School Visual Arts Competion
Artists and Awards Reception: Wednesday March 7th, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Awards announced at 7:45 pm
Featuring light refreshments and performance by the Stanley Middle School Jazz Band

The 15th Annual High School Visual Arts Competition exhibit is now on display until March 26 in the Art Gallery at the Orinda Library. The work comes from High Schools in the Acalanes Union High School District plus the private schools in the area, and features the work of over 200 local students.  Pieces are adjudicated by professional artists, and awards are given in the categories of 2wo-dimensional, three-dimensional, and photography/digital design.

Contributed Photos

February Exhibit

"The Art of the Print" and Magpie Multimedia Art
Artists Reception: February 4 from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Meet the artists and enjoy light refreshments

The Gallery at the Orinda Library this month will feature a selection of prints that were gifts from the Print Makers Society of California to its members during the first half of the twentieth century. Long before digital printing, printmaking societies were popular to showcase their member artists' work. Often a yearly member gift was made of a selected print.

The prints shown in this exhibit range from lithographs to etchings, aquatints, and a mezzotint. Some annotation about the artists is provided and the artist's reception will include a demonstration of linocut printing. The collection belongs to Lamorinda Arts Council Board Member, Lois Reynolds Mead, and the demonstration is courtesy of Moose Wesler, a local printmaking artist and teacher.

Addditionally, the artist collective Magpie, that includes Priscilla Birge, Barbara Hazard, Joanna Katz, Diane Rusnak, and Sarah Whitecotton will be exhibiting approximately eighty works of art. Works range from nature-inspired abstract mixed-media works on paper to acrylic on canvas. Water media paintings and digital art are included. There will also be mixed-media collage.


Contributed Photos

January Exhibit

"Art from Night Dreams" and Dream Art Books as well as Ceramics and Landscapes
Artists Reception: January 7 from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Meet the artists and enjoy light refreshments

Diane Rusnak is showing her paintings of mysterious dreams. On display are about twenty of her acrylic paintings and some of her art books exploring dream subjects. Diane's art work will allow you to peek into her dream world.

This month the gallery also shows the work of Lana Rak who works in many genres. These genres include still lifes and cityscapes. Lana's work also includes plein air paintings in oil.

Barbara Stevens Strauss is showing a variety of her ceramic work. Included are raku-fired, pit-fired, and high-fired ceramic art objects with oxides.

Contributed Photos

December Exhibit

Sunday, December 3: Two Receptions

      1:00 to 2:30 pm "Homage to my Grandmother" Art and Wine talk about Pam Glover

      2:30 to 4:30 pm: Monthly Artists Reception

The late Pam Glover's paintings and prints will be on display in the gallery this month.  Pam Glover taught a well loved plein air painting class through the Orinda Community Center for twenty-five years.  Janine and Anne Marie Glover Ehrentraut are presenting her work, accompanied by an art and wine talk by Janine about her grandmother, this Sunday, December 3rd at the library at 1:00 pm.  A cashier will be available during the reception that follows to process sales of the art for take home that same day.  To preview the works that will be available for purchase (or to purchase in advance for carry out that day), click here

The rest of the gallery this month will be equally rich and exciting:

Included in this month's exhibit is Helen Ann Licht of Lafayette. The theme of the paintings she has included are "Travels with an Artist." As Helen Ann says, her work is "colorful, whimsical, taken from my imagination and based on my travels."

Barney Howard of Walnut Creek will show watercolors and acrylics that he has drawn from his imagination. He will display thirty works that show a wide variety of subject matter.

Fred Lee of Orinda is showing ten digital paintings that showcase his love of innovation. He worked as an engineer but now, over eighty years old, he continues to innovate in his artwork.

The work of all the artists will also be for sale, by arrangement with the artists.  Meet them all during the regularly scheduled monthly artist reception at 2:30 pm on Sunday

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November Exhibit: Botanical Art, Paintings, Fiber Arts and Ceramics

Sunday, November 5: Artists Reception from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Meet the artists and enjoy light refreshments

The November exhibit will feature work from the Diablo Weaver's Guild, botanical art from students in Catherine Watters' classes, Karen Hildebrand's ceramics and Angelica Semame's paintings.

The Diablo Weaver's Guild began in 1952 and emphasizes cooperation and mutual assistance. Their programs center on the art and craft of weaving and member's work ranges from the creation of everyday textiles to art pieces for the wall.

Catherine Watters of Orinda teaches botanical art classes at the Orinda Community Center and other venues. She has put together an exhibit that showcases work by twenty of her current and former students.

Karen Hildebrand of Pleasant Hill uses a wide variety of techniques in her ceramics. She uses different clays, glazes and surface treatments. She combines throwing on the wheel with handbuilding.

Angelica Samame of Lafayette has been painting for 17 years. From Peru, she weaves colorful experiences about women's lives onto canvas.


Contributed Photos

October Exhibit: The Rule of Three -- Photos, Miniature Cottages, and Turned Wood

Sunday October 8, 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm: Artists Reception with Berkeley Fine Art Photographers, Bay Area Woodturners, and Jackie Smith

Berkley Fine Art Photographers formed in 2010 so that photographic artists would have a way to meet regularly to share and discuss work, encourage creativity, and exhibit in local venues.  The group embraces digital and traditioal photography, with emphasis on the photographic print as an essential of the process.

Bay Area Woodturners was formed in 1989 and now consists of 150 members!  According to member Anna Duncan, "Woodturning is the craft of using a lathe with hand-held tools to cut a shape that is symmetrical around the axis of rotation."  She hopes that viewers will come away from the exhibit with an appreciation of the beauty and functionality of artwork derived from trees. 

Jackie Smith has been making miniature cottages out of a variety of materials for over 25 years.  She recently began to experiment with recycled aluminum cans, using bold, bright color combinations.  She has 50 miniatures on display in the exhibit.

Contributed Photos

September Exhibit: 2D Artwork and Saggar Fired Clay Vessels

Sunday September 10, 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm: Artists Reception with artists Lisa Gunn (oils) Dee Tivenan (mix media), and Three Eight Art Studio

Orinda resident Lisa Gunn has a theme for her show, The Garden.  Five of her abstracts portray a garden at different locations and times of day.  She says that her extensive background in music and work as a music teacher enhances her paintings.

Dee Tievenan is showing over 10 works created in her Orinda studio. Building the structures of her paintings using multiple layers, she combines different mediums including watercolors, pastels, oils, and acrylics.  Her work as a pyschotherapist focuses on feelings and this strengthens her ability to paint from an emotional perspective.

Three-Eight Art Studio is a group of seven artists who have been meeting for six years to share their Chinese heritage and love of art.  Six group members are exhibiting 25 works.  They include watercolors by Ricky Chang, acrylic paintings and ink drawings by Doris Chen and Wang Hai Chen, acrylic paintings by Shungwha Chow and Beichen Li, and clay works by Lucia Tsang.

The above details have been excerpted from Elana O'Losky's article in the September issue of The Orinda News.  For the full article, click here.

June Exhibit: Botanical Art from Alcatraz, Photography, and Glass Art

Saturday, June 3: Artists Reception and Special Presentation by artists Lyn Dahl, Sally Petru and Catherine Watters about their Alcatraz Florilegium project

Presentation in the Orinda Library Auditorium at 3:00 pm, followed by Artists Reception from 3:30 to 5:30.

This month the Lamorinda Arts Council presents drawings and paintings done by members of the Northern California Society of Botanical Artists (NCaLSBA), Lucy Beck’s photographs, and Cindy Whitchurch’s glass art through June 30 at the Orinda Library Art Gallery.

Beck is showing about 20 works, most of them botanicals. Much of her work has a painterly quality because she often prints her photographs on Japanese Washi paper.

Whitchurch is exhibiting 35 pieces which display her technique of giving fused glass the look of blown glass.

The botanical artists of NCaLSBA visited the island of Alcatraz to obtain plant samples to create the drawings and paintings  that comprise the florilegium that they are displaying. A florilegium is a collection of drawings of the plants that exist in a particular location.  On June 3rd at 3:00 pm, three of the featured artists, Lyn Dahl, Sally Petru and Catherine Watters, will host a presentation about the project that includes a question and answer period. The artists put in 50-100 hours for each of their 127 drawings and paintings of "survivor plants" on Alcatraz. These plants date back to the Victorian era when the island was first used by government. Volunteer gardeners took ten years to clear weeds and debris from the old gardens that revealed a legacy of floral beauty for all to enjoy.

May Exhibit: Pam Glover and Glover Plein Air Group

Pam Glover taught painting for twenty-five years at the Orinda Community Center. Thirteen of her works will be on display this month and can be found in the small glass cabinet of the gallery.

By special arrangement, these works will also available for purchase through the Lamorinda Arts Council.  Click here to purchase one of these one of a kind pieces of history.

In addition, fifteen of the twenty members of the Glover Group are exhibiting a total of fifty plein air paintings throughout the rest of the gallery.  Former students of Pam Glover, the members of the Glover Group go on location in the open air to paint their works in her tradition.