Zoraya Garcia – My Ethnicity Mask

Artist: Zoraya Garcia
Title: My Ethnicity Mask
Medium: Clay, Sculpting, Painting
Grade: 9th
School: Las Lomas High School
Teacher: Nadja Battersby



This piece is about my ethnicity all in a mask. I am: Norwegian, El Salvadorian, Italian, Persian, And German. So I thought of the cityscapes and landscapes of every beautiful place that made me, Me! The snowy mountains on the top represent my Norwegian heritage. I also added the northern lights in the clouds! The Volcano represents El Salvador and the El Salvadorian volcano. The many beautifully colored houses are what represent Italy and the amazing views of the water. On the other side of the mask represents the German castles and the beautiful architecture. Lastly, The roses that are all over the mask represent my Persian heritage, My great-grandfather had a flower shop and a rose garden in Iran. I value every single step my family has made to create a beautiful history.