Lucinda Santos – Taking the Scenic Route

Artist: Lucinda Santos
Title: Taking the Scenic Route
Medium: Yarn & Wood
Grade: 11th
School: Las Lomas High School
Teacher: Nadja Battersby



This is a woven piece of a natural landscape. There are trees throughout the piece, getting smaller in the background. The trees are just blooming with white flowers. There is a river snaking through the piece with the water flowing out of the bottom of the piece. There are highlights to capture how light reflects in the water. There is green grass with different shades. I created this piece to show how we tend to forget about the beauty of nature. We need to remember the simplicity of nature, but instead, we focus on the complexity of life. We tend to stick to cities where there are at most a few trees. We need to remember that nature is always there, but in this day and age, there is less of it. Factories replace what was once a forest. We chop down trees to make way for homes and cities. But if we take time to be out in nature, it will not only help the planet but also help our mental state of mind. In city life we get caught up in doing everything, never taking breaks. But if we ever get out in nature and just sit in silence, I believe it would help our state of mind a great deal. This piece was mainly inspired by how I felt about nature, how it’s always beautiful and lush. This piece was also inspired by Henry David Thoreau and his idea of living deliberately. How we should live in simplicity and be one with nature. I titled this piece “Taking the Scenic Route” because we tend to do the opposite. We want to take the fastest route possible. But taking the longer yet prettier path yields the best reward. I hope that this piece makes people reflect on their views of nature, and spend more time with the natural world.