* Honorable Mention: Lily Kalmar – Things of Nature

Artist: Lily Kalmar
Title: Things of Nature
Grade: 10th
School: Miramonte High School
Teacher: Artwork created independently

I created this piece digitally, with my tablet, over the span of a couple weeks. I put extra thought into texturing the fur and feathers, as well as using a wide range of blending modes to convey complex lighting. The piece is inspired off of a love for human imagination. While something such as a winged tiger may not be plausible by any means, in my mind, the rules of nature don’t have to apply. With the resources I have at hand, I’m able to make anything I imagine a reality. I used the warmer tones of the tiger to contrast with the cooler tones of the forest, representing an escape from the limits of the real world into a much warmer light.