Gracie Carberry – Suspension

How do we use form and structure to keep us connected? This series was produced as a result of my experimentation with creating tessellations based on photographs I have taken. This process allows me to explore the connections between forms, and this instance specifically by creating a pattern that interconnects the recreated, more abstract form with imagery of its surroundings. I applied this to the broader range of places in Australia that I visited while touring colleges. I maintained the concept of suspension by using the motif that I developed originally, with multiple images from this trip. These appear both in a grid of the motif and as a tessellation that I created. By doing so, one image gets ‘suspended’ in another, and the two get put in conversation with each other by way of this architectural form.
The motif referenced in the pattern is of the Hansen Yuncken Suspended Studios, an interior feature of the Melbourne School of Design building at the University of Melbourne in Australia. The included images were taken while touring college campuses in Sydney and Melbourne.