Gavin Wang – Fading Whispers

Artist: Gavin Wang
Title: Fading Whispers
Media: Photography
Grade: 9th
School: Head-Royce Upper School
Art Created Independently



When I take photographs, I look for subjects that hold stories. Whether they are stories of life or culture, I look for subjects that can tell a unique history of their pasts and can give a viewer insight into a new world. This image, taken in a Taiwanese Buddhist temple, tells a story of an endless cycle of birth and rebirth, as well as the connection between nature and humankind. The ribbons shown in this image contain people’s prayers and hope with a wide range of appearances: while some are new boasting vibrant colors and silky texture, others appear faded and withered – almost as if turning into the bark of the tree from which they hang; once again, returning to nature. These prayers reflect the aspirations and dreams of everyday people who continue to prolong the hopes of those who came before them. This connection between the ribbons and nature mirrors a cycle of life that is found in the ideas of Buddhism. While capturing this photograph, I hoped to capture the contrast between the new and old prayer ribbons and the years of hope and faith that they reflect.