* 1st Place: Ellia Chaney – Bystander Behavior

Artist: Ellia Chaney
Title: Bystander Behavior
Media: Colored pencil on Mixed Media paper
Grade: 12th
School: Las Lomas High School
Teacher: Jessica Jurgens

In this piece, I used colored pencils to explore the outcomes of being a bystander. A main depiction of this effect is the blinded woman knitting in her chair, unknowingly adding length to the serpent coiling around her home. She represents a consequence of being a bystander- how turning a blind eye to harmful acts aids the monster. The business men lining up along the bannister show conformity. I think a core reason people don’t speak out against injustices is the fear of being isolated. They blend into the crowd, assuming another will take up the responsibility. The men follow one another blindly, not questioning their destination. To their left, a book sits atop shelving, appearing to be writing its own story. This is my portrayal of upstanding- taking initiative instead of letting another dictate your actions. Finally, the ominous landscape outside is meant to differ from the warm interior of the home and its residents. This contrast shows that obliviousness can lead to a warped perception of reality, and can end up hurting all involved.