*Honorable Mention, Digital Art: Anisa Huthman – Hope

Artist: Anisa Huthman
Title: Hope
Medium: Digital
Grade: 11th
School: Las Lomas High School
Artwork Created Independently



Last year, I submitted a piece called “Reality” which was a depiction of what it’s inside my head as a person who is diagnosed with severe anxiety. After I created that piece, it got me thinking about what if there is a future for me where I don’t feel that way as much or any more for that matter. That’s what got me thinking about what it would look like, how it would feel, how I would want it to look and feel like. In this piece called “Hope” I wanted to capture the feeling that whatever I’m going through right now is meant to happen in order for me to have that future I want. All the while, I need to have hope that there is a brighter future ahead, that there is a light at the end of this tunnel, however long and dark it may be.