Lamorinda Idol Audition Information



How to audition for Lamorinda Idol

There are three steps to auditioning for the program.

  1. Registration takes place from March 21, 2020 to April 22, 2020.   Return at that time to complete the Registration Form.
  2. After you submit your form, you will be redirected to a product page.  Place the $15 Registration Fee product in your shopping cart and check out.
  3. After you have paid, your screen prompt, as well as your e-mailed receipt, will include a link to a PDF letter.  This letter contains a link to the Audition Sign Up Genius.  Please select your audition slot(s) as soon as possible.

*If you have already registered, but did not complete your payment, please click here to add the Registration Fee to your shopping cart.

**If you need to return to the Sign Up Genius later, click here.

For a complete description of Lamorinda Idol and the audition process, download the…/Lamorinda-Idol-2020-Participants-Information-Packet-as-of-February-14-2020.pdf.

Lamorinda Idol 2019 High School Winner Vanessa Navarro-Marsili