Congratulations to the Lamorinda Idol 2020 Finalists!

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  • Your votes will be combined with the judges’ selections to determine the winners in each category, including an Audience Award.
  • Winners will be announced in a live online event on August 16 at 7pm.

K-2nd Grade Solo 6th-8th Grade Solo 9th-12th Grade Solo
Camila Diaz Eva Crinks Nejla Ackdoe-Pagey
Colette Goodman Janie Hollerbach Lleyton Allen
Miranda Klein Bo Iverson Amelia Chen
Hunter Longmire-Morris Abigail Kim Kaya Griffin
Maryn Moeller Levi Kim Sabrina Hernandez
Vivian Welch Clea Lee Alec Home
Claire O'Connor Ava Jacuzzi
3rd-5th Grade Solo Svea Peterson Ellie Langdon
Lilah Anders Sadie Poole Alex Meckes
Sophie Baker Isabelle Porcella Kaitlyn Roach
Sadie Elkind Baila Portmann Amanda Turtle
Maya Elkind Curtis Resnick Aislinn Welch
Benjamin Forman Amanda Roach
Alexia Gkatzimas Elle Rodriguez 9th-12th Grade Group
Quincy Grigg Sofia Rose Ava and Zac
Riyana Habarakada Natalie Schroeder - Zac Faber
Palig Horoupian Annie Strickler - Ava Jacuzzi
Alexis Lee Katie Welch Rainbow Harmony
Aubrey Peterson Libby Wong - Amelia Chen
McKenna Rose - Kaitlyn Roach
Carly Tesch 6th-8th Grade Group Rat Pack Vol. 2
Bella Verrico Bumble Bees - Alec Home
- Annie Strickler - Juneaux Maeder
K-5th Grade Group - Mika Strickler Sabs and Lyss
Ben and Aubrey Double Tones - Sabrina Hernandez
- Benjamin Forman - Kate Bertenthal - Alysa Vassallo
- Aubrey Peterson - Athena Braman-Pleasants
From A Distance Happy Harmonies
- Sophie Baker - Clea Lee
- McKenna Rose - Alexandra Van De Poel
The Alicorns Just Six Dudes
- Colette Goodman - Gunnar Chapman
- Vivian Welch - Aiden Connolly
The Elkind Sisters - Gabriel Harlev
- Maya Elkind - Bo Iverson
- Sadie Elkind - Joshua Schmidt
- Henry Vanhouten
Libby and Avery
- Avery Bruno
- Libby Wong
Mina and Svea
- Mina Lim
- Svea Peterson
- Callie Barber
- Clara Grenning
- Janie Hollerbach
- Cami Lovell
- Claire O'Connor
- Maggie OToole
- Elle Rodriguez
Quarter Til Four
- Olivia Bersot
- Jaden Maspaitella
- Sadie Poole
Sara and Fiona
- Sara Barron
- Fiona Markey
The Fab Four
- Isabelle Disston
- Kenzie Karp
- Caitlin Loughran
- Shawn Smith